You never know who you’ll meet at the Laundromat! – Powdersville, SC

A few days before my departure to the Philippines, I had to do several loads of laundry which had been piling up for a while.  Since Ivy Acres RV Park does not have laundry facilities, we ran over to nearby Powdersville, SC to do it.  While I was folding, an elderly man who was waiting for his wash cycle started a conversation with me.  The usual question I get asked is if I am from the Philippines and that sort of thing.  I was initially busy folding so I just replied briefly to his queries, not paying much attention.  When I completed my folding  I sat down next to him and we continued with our conversation while waiting for Steve to pick me up.

And then he said, “I was stationed in Arizona in the Air Force”.

After telling him about all of the things we did while in Arizona, including a visit to the Titan Missile Museum in Tucson, his eyes perked up and I discovered that I was talking with none other than retired USAF Lt. Colonel Kermit C. Thompson, commander of the missile silo all those many years ago.  Steve arrived soon after, and we were enthralled by Mr. Thompson’s stories about life in the missile silo.  He was excited to meet folks who had actually toured the silo, which he fondly called “his baby.”

He and Steve also talked about their time at the Pentagon, which is where Steve was stationed while in the Air Force.  Mr. Thompson went on to become a school principal for seventeen years in Hawaii, and he has written several books which are available at Amazon under K. Cardell Thompson.  We had a very interesting conversation, and before you know it his wash cycle was completed!  Who knew that doing laundry could be so interesting?

Lt Col K.C. Thompson
Talking with Lt. Col. Kermit C Thompson





  1. How totally neat was that!! We, also, toured the Titan Missile Museum. I know John would really have enjoyed meeting this gentleman. And to think you met at the laundromat!

  2. How neat … visiting the silo was one of the most interesting things when we were in vacation in Arizona years ago. I can imagine he has some very interesting stories to tell about his days as commander.

  3. How wonderful to have had this experience Mona. I love listening to these stories from those who were there so long ago.

  4. What cool meeting! Nothing quite like hearing the stories from someone who’s lived during the time the place was active.

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