Birds, Birds, Birds

These are just a few of my collections of my feathered friends that I snapped from different states. We are always entertained by them, they fight, perch, chirp, whistle, tweet and sing for us too!

Birds from southwest Arizona

Birds sighted in San Diego Area, California

Birds sighted in Kansas

Birding in Texas

The arrival of neotropical bird migrants at Dauphin Island, Alabama April 2013



The majestic Bald Eagle sitting serenely, waiting for its prey at Ninilchik, Alaska

Bald Eagle

Majestic Bald Eagle

Gray Jay

Gray Jay

Birds sighted in Florida

Birds sighted in Alabama

Birds sighted in Georgia

Birds sighted in Louisiana

Birds sighted in Canada’s Maritimes


14 thoughts on “Birds, Birds, Birds

  1. Your bird photos are amazing, and I love seeing them grouped by state. I had no idea you had been taking this many photos of different birds until I checked out your drop down menus tonight. An amazing collection!


    • Thank you Holly, Im glad you enjoyed my bird photos. These are just a few on line, I have more that did not make it to this collection. I love birds! And we are going to Texas this winter, so there should be more !


      • Wildflowers and birds are what I like to look for, so I am sure I will be back to see any additional photos! Your bird captures are wonderful 😊


  2. Great bird photos! How did you get the tags to appear as you hover over the image? It’s a cool effect!


    • Thank you.
      When you add a caption to a picture and create a gallery, wordpress does the rest for you.


    • Thank you, When you are in southern AZ, these birds really entice you to admire them or listen to them and they hang out in your site too!


  3. I just recently made a bird collection picture album on my Facebook page. I’ve been thinking if I want to turn it into a blogpost or not. Your bird shot collection makes it even harder for me to decide. The forth bird is really a stand out.


    • Of course you have to share it so I can admire them too. The fourth bird is the Great Road Runner.


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