Where we are now.
Wickenburg, Arizona


In September, 2016 we achieved our goal of exploring all 49 states (Betsy can’t do Hawaii!).  In Canada we’ve wandered through 8 provinces and 1 territory, and in Mexico we headed across Sonora twice for extended beach parties.  We’ve traveled through 6 time zones, and crossed the borders between the U.S, Canada and Mexico 30 times.  That was one heck of an adventure traveling around the country for eight years!

We sold Betsy and now we have taken down roots in Arizona. Having explored our beautiful country our new goal is to travel internationally and visit as many countries as we can, while we can.

Our Interactive RV Maps –
Click on the above image to see all of our 2012-2019 RV travels in uMap.  The pins in the resulting display can be selected to access Steve’s campground reviews and other information.

Below are links to our travels by individual year:
Aqua       – 2012 West coast
Brown     – 2012 Alaska
Blue        – 2013 East coast
Purple    – 2013 Canadian Maritimes
Green     – 2014 route
Red         – 2015 route
Orange   – 2016 route
Pink        – 2017 route
Black      – 2018 route
Lime      –  2019 route



  1. Hi Steve.

    I can’t recall if I already gave you this information, but seeing as you are in WA try a bottle of Quilter’s Irish Death beer brewed by Iron Horse Brewing. It can be found at most WA grocery stores, Costco, etc.

    It’s high octane, one of my favorites. A friend of mine is due to meet us in Flagstaff next week and packed a bottle for me. I can’t wait.

    Let me know what you think.

    Mark (TBG)

    • Thanks for the tip, Mark. We’re going to do a walk in Olympia today (weather finally permitting!) and stop at Fish Tale Brew Pub which has some good beer – I had a bottle a couple of nights ago. I’ll definitely look for the one you mentioned while we’re in town and pick some up!

  2. Hello! We have lived vicariously through your blog for several years, enjoying your stories and great photography. Through your blog, we discovered Tucson and Desert Trails RV Park and have been going south for the last few winters.As Canadians we have travelled to many places in the US, often following your journey. Do you still have plans to be at Justin’s this Christmas? We will be next door at Desert Trails and would love to meet you both!
    Bev Sitter and Marc Spencer

    • Yes, we will be at Justin’s! Let’s keep in touch when the time draws near, especially that we will just be close door neighbor by Christmas.
      Glad you found our blog helpful and also looking forward to meeting up a follower 🙂

  3. Steve, great meeting you and Mona Lisa in Lone Pine.
    Love your coach!!! Lol same as ours. We look forward to following your travels and sharing stories.
    After u left today I was going thru stuff in the basement and came across a complet setup like yours for clean out, I was surprised and happy and will be installing it soon.
    Great travels, jeff

    • Good to hear from you, Jim. We’re using Coachnet to handle roadside emergencies including blown tires and towing only. They offer many more services but we’re on one of their basic plans. Hope you’re enjoying RVing! ~Steve

  4. Hello Steve and Mona,

    Great to see you joining us in the World Cruise. I am browsing around and I have to say what an amazing blog and what an amazing history. Absolutely love several of your blog posts and got many more to check out.

    My wife and I are kicking off our travels and our blog with the World Cruise. We figured what better than a World Record-Breaking Cruise to start our blog. If you will like to swing by and check it out is https://embarky.io/about-us

    I hope to see you and your beautiful wife around on the tours. We have plenty coming up from here to London.

    Manny and Yadi
    IG: @embarky

  5. Hello –
    For a planned book on Hudson’s Bay Co.historical posts and depots and their reconstructions I would like to ask permission to use your photograph of the ‘Big House’ at Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    This for an online, non-commercial publication.
    Thank you very much.
    Thomas Schultze
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  6. Hi guys I just spent half the weekend looking through all your blog posts. I think I got through every single one of them, though I’d be lying if I said I read every word. Amazing journeys and they definitely helped me plan out some road trips I hope to take with my family starting in a few years. Again it was an honor taking care of you as part of your cancer journey. If you are ever in Chico, please drop me a line.

    • Thank you for commenting, the hours of “slogging through the blogging” are worth it when we learn it was helpful to someone. We wish you and your family all the best in your move, and thank you again for everything you’ve done for me.

  7. We LOVED following your blog. You two were such inspirations to us. We got off the road January 2019. I can related to going from the 400 square feet to a house! Amazing!
    I heard from Ingrid that you turned some of your blog into a book. I’d love to know what platform you used. I need to think about saving what we can and take the site down….

    • HI Debbie, we are loving our new digs. I will send you email of the list of blog to book companies that I researched. I have several books since not one of them can print the book the whole blog, so I categorized them by regions instead of in chronological order.

      • Thank you! I received it. Good idea to do yours by region. We never made it very far out of the east coast. But nearly 7 years of GREAT memories!!!

      • We just discovered your blog and I believe we are the proud owners of your beautiful rig. I doubt that we will continue your blogging legacy but we promise to continue your pursuit of adventure!

        TIm and Jane

        • Congratulations, and we hope you have many wonderful experiences in Betsy as we did for many years!

          Steve and Mona Liza

  8. This map, alone, is inspiring! What a well-organized collection of views and stories. Love it! Ayn SDW

  9. Mona Lisa, I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog. The posts from the places that we visited on the World Tour bring back wonderful memories, and the posts from new places introduce me to new places to discover. Thank you for all your beautiful photos and interesting commentary. Bev

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