Where are Steve and Mona Liza now?

Catalina State Park, AZ


In September, 2016 we achieved our goal of exploring all 49 states (Betsy can’t do Hawaii!).  In Canada we’ve wandered through 8 provinces and 1 territory, and in Mexico we headed across Sonora twice for extended beach parties.  We’ve traveled through 6 time zones, and crossed the borders between the U.S, Canada and Mexico 30 times.  Since then our goal has been to see what we missed on the first pass!

Our Interactive Maps –

Click on the above image to access our 2012-2018 travels in uMap.  The pins in the resulting map can be selected to access Steve’s campground reviews and other information.

Below are links to our travels by individual year:
Aqua       – 2012 West coast
Brown     – 2012 Alaska
Blue        – 2013 East coast
Purple    – 2013 Canadian Maritimes
Green     – 2014 route
Red         – 2015 route
Orange   – 2016 route
Pink        – 2017 route
Black      – 2018 route
Lime      –  2019 route AND WHERE WE ARE NOW (not on the full map above)

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Im new to RVing and enjoy your blog and travels! I’m curious to know what roadside assistance company you use?
    thanks, jim


    • Good to hear from you, Jim. We’re using Coachnet to handle roadside emergencies including blown tires and towing only. They offer many more services but we’re on one of their basic plans. Hope you’re enjoying RVing! ~Steve


  2. Steve, great meeting you and Mona Lisa in Lone Pine.
    Love your coach!!! Lol same as ours. We look forward to following your travels and sharing stories.
    After u left today I was going thru stuff in the basement and came across a complet setup like yours for clean out, I was surprised and happy and will be installing it soon.
    Great travels, jeff

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  3. Hello! We have lived vicariously through your blog for several years, enjoying your stories and great photography. Through your blog, we discovered Tucson and Desert Trails RV Park and have been going south for the last few winters.As Canadians we have travelled to many places in the US, often following your journey. Do you still have plans to be at Justin’s this Christmas? We will be next door at Desert Trails and would love to meet you both!
    Bev Sitter and Marc Spencer

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    • Yes, we will be at Justin’s! Let’s keep in touch when the time draws near, especially that we will just be close door neighbor by Christmas.
      Glad you found our blog helpful and also looking forward to meeting up a follower 🙂


  4. Hi Steve.

    I can’t recall if I already gave you this information, but seeing as you are in WA try a bottle of Quilter’s Irish Death beer brewed by Iron Horse Brewing. It can be found at most WA grocery stores, Costco, etc.

    It’s high octane, one of my favorites. A friend of mine is due to meet us in Flagstaff next week and packed a bottle for me. I can’t wait.

    Let me know what you think.

    Mark (TBG)

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    • Thanks for the tip, Mark. We’re going to do a walk in Olympia today (weather finally permitting!) and stop at Fish Tale Brew Pub which has some good beer – I had a bottle a couple of nights ago. I’ll definitely look for the one you mentioned while we’re in town and pick some up!

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  5. Hi Steve, Barry Gleichman here. We met in Salt Lake City in 2018, we have the green and silver Safari with the Cat painted on the back. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the Northwest. Question, have you ever traveled Highway 101 from Crescent City, Ca. South to the San Franscisco area? How is the road? If you havent can you advise on where I can do some research. Thanks

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    • Hi Barry, of course I remember meeting you in SLC and other stops beyond. Highway 101 was in OK shape as far as driving on it goes, last time we were there several years ago. It’s doable in your coach, just realize it’s a busy road and you’ll have a lot of traffic behind you – but that happens everywhere, right? No reason you can’t take the coach. I would probably not take the RV down Highway 1 though, it’s beautiful but that road would be tough in your rig.

      Try to allow time to pause in the Humboldt Forest area, between Weott and Myers Flat. It’s a fantastic redwood forest and worth unhooking your car and driving down the Avenue of the Giants. I think you could take your rig, but you wouldn’t enjoy it as much or be able to pull over now and then. One of my favorite forests anywhere!

      I would be more nervous about driving my coach around San Francisco than going down Highway 101, I wonder what your plan is in that area?

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  6. If you are still in the Taos-Santa Fe area there is a great restaurant called Rancho de Chimayo between Ranchos de Taos and Chimayo. The church in Chimayo is worth seeing, but you probably can’t get your motorhome into the tiny village. The church is historic and worth seeing. It is important to the Penitente culture, the secretive sect that formed after the Spanish withdrew their priests after Mexican independence in 1821. The group was formed so the people could receive the sacraments, particularly those associated with baptism and death. Many believe that “sacred soil” inside the church cures physical and emotional illnesses. Inside the portico where the soil comes from people leave their crutches, canes, etc. Many Penitentes flagellate themselves to atone for their sins, and on Good Friday they conduct mock crucifixions, but those are not open to the public. Chimayo was one of centers of the Revolt of 1837, a bloody affair.

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  7. My husband and I met you in Williams Arizona in the laundry room at the Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park. I am enjoying your blog and your pictures are incredible, Would you mind sharing wth me what types of camera(s) you use.We are so anxious to get back out on the road. Hopefully after some health issues are resolved we will be soon. Glenda & Kelly Shull


    • Hi Glenda, I remembered 🙂 Glad you like our RV travel tales and thank you for coming along. I use two cameras: a Lumix ZS100 point and shoot and a Lumix G7, both are made by Panasonic.


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