Where are Steve and Mona Liza now?

Durango, CO


In September, 2016 we achieved our goal of visiting and exploring all 49 states.  In Canada we’ve wandered through 8 provinces and one territory, and in Mexico we headed across Sonora twice for extended beach parties.  We’ve traveled through 6 time zones, and crossed the borders between the U.S, Canada and Mexico 28 times.  Now we’re on our second pass to see what we missed the first time!

Our Maps –

The image below shows our travels from the beginning – March 2012 through 2017.  Select it to access an interactive map where you can select any pin to see Steve’s campground reviews and other links.

Select the appropriate color below to view our travels by individual year:
Aqua      – 2012 West coast
Black     – 2012 Alaska
Blue       – 2013 East coast
Purple   – 2013 Canadian Maritimes
Green    – 2014 route
Red        – 2015 route
Orange  – 2016 route
Pink        – 2017 route
Here       – Our current 2018 route (not on the full map yet)

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. How long are you in Missoula? We head there tomorrow, 8 July, for a three night stay. Then onto West Glacier. Would enjoy meeting you both if the opportunity arises. Gail


  2. Hi Folks! We head out West hopefully this week. Can you share where you camped in Page AZ – and you opinion of the campground? Thanks!


    • Greetings!
      We stayed at Wahweap RV Campground while in Page. It’s about 15 minutes from town, and convenient for activities around Lake Powell. You can search for Page on our homepage to see my campground comments, if you’re interested. We thought it was a pretty good campground. Happy travels!


  3. Hello, just discovered your blog through mutual friends & bloggers. What an incredible journey. Looking forward to reading, learning, and adding to my bucket list!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Was just turned on to your travel blog by LuAnn and so glad to explore with you. Awesome pictures/info about your Viking cruise. We have plans in 2019 for our 40th. Thats anniversary years not age. Looking forward to the last installment of Amsterdam. You guys are traveling gurus which is appreciated by this lowly novice. Hope that better health is finding its way to you. Thanks Karen


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