A City with a Heart – Elkhart, IN

RV /MH Hall of Fame

A popular myth of how the city of Elkhart got its name is that native American indians noticed that the shape of Island Park, within the city at the confluence of the Elkhart and St. Joseph Rivers, resembled the heart of an elk.  However, the city was actually named after the Shawnee indian chief Elkhart, who was a cousin of the famous Shawnee […]

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Chiggers Attack! – Peru, IN

Adult Chigger

I’d never heard of chiggers until we arrived in Indiana.  It’s not that they’re only found in Indiana, but that’s where they found me and had their feeding frenzy.  I didn’t realize what hit me until the discomfort began.  These nasty tiny mites with big bites left me scratching, seemingly without end, for several days. Being out in the great outdoors most […]

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