What do you think they’re doing?

When you’re hanging out close to nature and wildlife, you are bound to see amazing, amusing and fascinating things that wildlife do naturally.  For instance, we’re not sure what these Northern Mockingbirds were doing just before they flew away – maybe some kind of mating dance?  Steve tried hopping around in front of me, and I wanted to fly away too!  Watching them closely made us think they must be daring each other to cross the line or perhaps flirting or maybe just dancing to our delight.  What do you think?

On another day while we were deep into our stories while reading our books, we suddenly heard ruffling noises and when we looked  up the sparrows were at it!  I think this is what they mean by “taking a tumble in the hay”!

Butterflies do it as well, looks like a threesome going on here!