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Several folks have asked us to comment about the Camp Freightliner chassis class I attended recently, either because they have signed up for a future class or just out of curiosity.  Since Mona Liza was 9,000 miles away during the class, I’m probably the logical one to write about it.

As you may know, this is a two-day “boot camp” that really gets into the major systems and maintenance items pertaining to your chassis – air brakes and suspension, engine, transmission and other miscellaneous systems.  It is an EXCELLENT class taught by Mike Cody, who used to work on the assembly line and didn’t get a question he couldn’t answer while I was there.  The class is very inexpensive for what you get – two days of intense study, two lunches and dinner after the first night’s class.  The price is $175 for one person, $225 for couples.  I was told the price basically covers materials and meals, and they aren’t really in it for profit.

If your Freightliner chassis is due for maintenance, having it done during the class works out great since the class and service facility are in the same building in Gaffney, SC.  I don’t know if the other “offsite” class locations have the same setup.  Since I was hanging around Gaffney for a while waiting for my honey to get back from her travels, I scheduled my maintenance for a few days after the class which also worked well.  Owners can park their coach behind the facility for free the night before service.  There is 30-amp electric only, but a dump station and water are right next to the lot.  They even let me stay Friday night after my service, and I could have stayed the whole weekend if I had wanted to.  There is also a fairly nice KOA campground with full hookups about 7 miles away.  You will get a discount there if you tell them you are with Camp Freightliner.

I would recommend reserving a spot in the class you want, and/or maintenance, well in advance.  This is a highly-rated “Freightliner Oasis” facility which is known for doing excellent work at a reasonable price.  While you are there don’t miss the free Freightliner factory tour, where they build these beautiful chassis.  It begins at 10:15 every weekday.  The factory is only 5 miles from the service center and the tour is excellent.

To see the rest of the 2013 schedule for Camp Freightliner, and to get further information, go to:






  1. Glad you enjoyed the class. Seems like it was worth the journey. I’m looking forward to Mona Liza’s’ return as I’m sure you are. Hope you’re getting in plenty of hiking and biking 🙂

  2. Sounds like this would be great class to take. Valuable information to be sure. Thanks for sharing with us!!! Wonder if Roadmaster does a similar thing…..I will have to look into that.

  3. Thanks, Steve. We’ll be going to the first class in July. Since we had our service done in Red Bay in February, we’ll just be getting the coach officially weighed while there this time.

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