Exploring Tubac, AZ

Pancit Guisado

But first… The slide toppers that Steve ordered arrived and our friendly installation team members John and Dave arrived¬†to help with the installation. ¬†The whole operation went smoothly, thanks to the fact that the three of them had installed new toppers on John’s coach just a few days before. ¬†Thanks, guys! ¬†Our beautiful new toppers are currently being tested by […]

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Literally Chillin’ in Prescott, AZ

Prescott Arizona

While¬†planning our winter sojourn into Arizona last summer, a month’s stay in Prescott was on our list of stops. ¬†Pronounced “PressKit” by locals, the city is nestled at an elevation of 5,200′ and boasts weather that normally averages 70¬ļ. ¬†We heard good things about the city and¬†planned to take a break here after several months of more intense¬†travel. ¬†It was […]

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Rock Concert! – Chiricahua National Monument

We saw a video describing¬†Chiricahua National Monument at the¬†Kartchner Caverns¬†visitor’s center, and it piqued our interest. ¬†We had not previously heard about “The Land of Standing up Rocks” as referred to by the local Chiricahua Apaches, and the “Wonderland of Rocks” by later pioneers. ¬†After seeing it, we simply call it the “Gorgeous giant rock concert.” ¬†We opted to stay […]

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Oh my, the Cranes! – Whitewater Draw

Sandhill Cranes

We heard there are two excellent places to watch¬†Sandhill Cranes winter by the thousands in southeast Arizona, at Willcox Playa and Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area. ¬†Both areas are owned and managed by Arizona Game and Fish Department. ¬†Larry and Nancy, whom we met initially at Cave Creek last December and saw again at Patagonia, urged us to view the Sandhill […]

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