Climbing and Crawling at Hueco Tanks State Park – West Texas

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The Canyon Towhee serenaded us all day


Our final stop in Texas was 30 miles northeast of El Paso, at Hueco Tanks State Park.  We came here after being intrigued by Eric and Laurel’s repeat visits to the area.  We had to see it for ourselves!

So, what’s wonderfully unusual and appealing about this 850-acre park? Continue reading

Westward Ho, Here We Go! – West Texas

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NOTE:  We’ve replaced our “Where We’ve Been” widget with an “Upcoming Planned Stops” widget (see it in the left column?).  After several recent “near misses” and surprise meet-ups with other travelers, we decided to display a section of our reservation spreadsheet that shows upcoming planned stops.  We hope this will help us meet up with more of y’all down the road!

From Fredericksburg to the western state border in El Paso is about 590 miles, and because we didn’t want to rush our way through Texas we selected five stops before leaving the state.  On these layovers we explored a cavern, hiked a mountain at a National Park, had a total surprise meet up with new friends, and enjoyed an unplanned visit to El Paso that changed our initial impression of the city. Continue reading

Heading for the Hills – Texas Hill Country

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Hooray, a milestone for us – this is our 500th post!  Have we really published that many stories?  It’s hard to believe, and we’re so happy to memorialize and share our travels with you, our readers and followers.  We thank you for jamming on down the road with us!

In real time we’re in Tucson, AZ, enjoying gorgeous 90º weather – finally!  I’ve once again put a hold on writing blogs in favor of spending time outdoors enjoying and capturing moments, while hanging out with friends.

And that’s just what happened in April as we slow-poked across Texas… Continue reading

Love is in the air – High Island, TX

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Did I get your attention?  I’m talking about birdie love, of course, and we got an eyeful on this stop!  If you’re a birder, bird watcher/photographer or a nature enthusiast read on, because that’s what this post is all about. Continue reading

Natural Beauty Abounds in Cajun Country, Lousiana

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After reading my previous post, you might think all we did was sit around being fat and happy the entire week.  Well yeah, but it’s not in our nature to let the grass grow under our feet no matter how full our tummies are 🙂

Although the mountains we’ve been yearning for are still hundreds of miles ahead, we were able to find some nice “flatlander” trails to enjoy, using notes from our previous travels here and a little help from our (RV) friends and their blogs. Continue reading

We came to eat! – Cajun Country, Louisiana

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…and boy did we ever!

But first, since we were camping in the capital city of Louisiana – Baton Rouge – we wanted to tour the state capitol building.  Having visited eight so far, we continue to be amazed by what we learn at each one.  So how about the history and unique features of this capitol building? Continue reading

White Beaches and a Cotton Estate – Biloxi and Natchez, Mississippi

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Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi was our final stop along the eastern gulf coast.  Other than wanting to hang around the beach a little longer, I was also happy to meet up with my friend Emma.  During our first visit here in 2013, she was our personal guide through historic Biloxi (my post is here).  Over a bucket of snow crabs, we reminisced about our long bygone days in the Philippines. Continue reading

Third time’s a charm – Dauphin Island, AL

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Leaving Florida behind was the “official” beginning of our 2019 westward migration.  We started earlier this year than we did in 2014, and moved more quickly through Alabama and Mississippi.  We’d learned our lesson on that last trip at the end of April – the tremendous thunderstorms we rode out one night near Pensacola still hold the record for dumping the most rain there in a 24-hour period. Continue reading