Party time at the Gulf – Port Aransas, TX

We had hoped that being in southern Texas, and parking close to the Gulf of Mexico would allow us to enjoy some reasonably warm weather this winter. wpid33184-2014-12-30-TX-1710195.jpg  From the day we arrived here at Port Aransas (Dec. 15), we’ve been able to count on one hand the number of days that we haven’t had to bundle up in jackets to go outside.  And the winds from the north have been relentless!  I don’t want to whine because I know other parts of the country have it worse, but we are amazed by how far south the winter chill has pushed this year. Even the priest at the local church was apologetic to us winter Texans about the cold spell that has hovered over the Port Aransas/Corpus Cristi area.

But instead of moping around, we’ve tried to endure and make the best of it by taking in the sights and having a good time with friends new and old.

Our first few days were spent socializing and meeting new folks.  Just a day after our arrival the partying began when Dave and Faye of the Wandering Camels invited us over to taste Dave’s smoked pork and chicken.  And wow, does this guy know how to smoke some good meat!  The gathering ended up being sort of a “blogger’s summit”, as Al and Ingrid of Live Laugh RV also joined in for the feast and laughter.

Bloggers just want to have fun

Ingrid, Al, Dave, Faye and Steve

Our first two weeks (including the holidays) were spent meeting new friends, partying and eating lots of good food.  At the RV park’s Christmas get-together (Steve’s review of the park is here), we met Beverly and Dennis from Nebraska, and we learned they are followers of our blog.  Now isn’t that something!


Faye, Beverly and Steve


Steve,Ingrid, Faye, Jackie, Kathy and Al – this was one of the few warm days!

On Christmas day, Ingrid showed us how a gourmet meal can be prepared in a very tiny kitchen…

wpid33181-2014-12-25-TX-00706.jpg…and for desert she further demonstrated her culinary skills by lighting up her bananas foster – and yes it was very yummy!


It was not just the humans partying and socializing here.  A group of birds hung out at the pond in front of our RV, rain or shine, feasting on the little fish in the well-stocked waters. We watched and were entertained as they jockeyed for their favorite fishing spots, and we discovered which were the bullies and which seemed to be insatiable as they hunted and ate for hours.  The meeting of the “Birdy Breakfast Club” began at sunrise each day.

Gulf Waters RV Resort

A Great Blue Heron and Great Egret are the first to show up on this morning

All of the attendants are present and accounted for, as they mill around in front of our site…

wpid33189-2014-12-23-TX-1700509.jpg…then the jostling for good spots begins.  The Great Egret shoos the tiny Snowy Egret away…


..and the poor little guy scampers off.  Steve thought the sight of an Egret running was hilarious!


But then the big bully arrives…


…and everybody flies away!


Yes, size matters!

Sometimes the “landlubber” birds watched helplessly as the Cormorants showed them how easy it was to dive and catch a fish.  The Egrets followed them around the perimeter of the pond, hoping to grab any fish that might escape from the divers.


This gang of birds were patient and tireless, working virtually all day to keep themselves fat and happy.

Great Egret

Great Egret

Little Blue Heron

The Little Blue Heron finally gets his prize


The proud Cormorant shows off its catch!

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron displays his catch

And once their tummies were full, the Cormorants would stand along the shore to dry their wings in the incessant wind.  When the “blow dry” was complete they dove right back in for more.  Then the egrets would quickly fly or run to the new fishing spot, and the whole process started again.  Fascinating and fun to watch!


And so the party continues…