The Sunset Capital of Alabama – Dauphin Island

The enjoyment of our two-week stay at Dauphin Island was dictated by the weather, and we had a double whammy of severe thunderstorms, rain and overcast skies.  But on days when the weather cooperated, we headed to our favorite locations to watch the colors of twilight and sunset that the island is known for.  In July 2013, Dauphin Island was deemed by its town council as the Sunset Capital of Alabama.  In reality it’s a logical choice, since the island sits several miles south of the mainland where there’s really nothing to obstruct the western horizon.


Geographically, its location is at the westernmost white-sand beach in Alabama, and also on the Gulf Coast – unique features that the town likes to point out.  We drove to the west end of the island where we could see the clouds and colors changing 360 degrees around us.  Of course, there were days when Mother Nature produced a dud, but most evenings it was well worth the drive and it’s not like we had a lot of other important things to do.


The only other time I have posted about incredible sunsets was when we were in Arizona, where the sky in the desert had spectacular twilight hues of oranges and reds, and the cloudscapes were spectacular.  Other than birds, sunsets have become my other photographic inspiration.  I try to catch at least one wherever we go.  But here at Dauphin Island the panoramic sunsets are something to behold, and we have tried to view and enjoy them from various locations.



Sunset afterglows…




Dauphin Island has given us several memorable sunsets that I’ve been able to add to my collection.  The hard part is picking which ones to delete!

And that about wraps up our two weeks of hanging out on our favorite southern island.



  1. What a gorgeous collection of sunsets, and you captured so many different moods! I can see why it’s called the Sunset Capital. On our next trip to Dauphin Island, we’ll need to stay overnight (or a week!) so that we can catch a sunset.

  2. Beautiful new header photo:) You definitely had a magnificent spot to see the sunset. Great job capturing the sun’s good bye for the day. I can hear Steve’s grown with your new photography obsession!! Haha!!

  3. Fantastic. We visit that area just about every year and have never made a trip to the island. Hopefully we will hit that area this coming fall.

  4. Those sunsets are beauties. Dauphin Island is on our list for next year. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I love those after glows. Speaking of weather…..when you plan your trip north, allow plenty of time for those days that just aren’t agreeable. The Midwest can experience rain for days. Key sights to see in Michigan: Sleeping Bear Sand dunes, Mackinac Island, Pictured Rock 🙂

    • Thanks Ingrid for the reminder, this year weather will definitely be foremost in our planning. I will keep note of the attractions you listed. It was you who first mentioned to us about Mackinac and it has been on the list.

  6. That is quite a collection of sunset photos…I wouldn’t delete any of them! You have certainly sparked my interest in Dauphin Island…thank you!

    Safe travels as you head north!

  7. Amazing! All your recent posts about Dauphin Island has convinced me that this will be one of our stop as we make our way along the Gulf this fall. I think you said earlier that you stayed at the Dauphin Island Campground. I am wondering how busy it was and if you made a reservation far in advance? Thanks for sharing this wonderful place!

  8. This is an area that I must see! Too often we have been places where neither the sunrise or sunset is convenient without a long drive. I love the selection made for your header.

    I have to agree with Ingrid about Mackinaw Island, a definite must-see, as well as Pictured Rocks. Watch for high wind warnings on the Mackinaw Bridge. 🙂

  9. My heart softens when I saw you’re opening photo. I don’t know why. I sounded like a girl but it really did. Beautiful sunsets, Mona. I remember your cruise sun pics the most. I don’t know why I remember them either.

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