It’s party time in the desert! – Cave Creek, Arizona

After scoping out Quartzsite to mark the spot where we think we’ll stay in January during the RV show madness, we headed east, destination – Cave Creek Regional Park – located north of Phoenix.  This is a 2,922-acre park that sits in the upper Sonoran Desert.  The town of Cave Creek is known for its western lifestyle, dramatic views, countless trails and large open spaces.  It offers an array of attractions for residents and visitors alike.  The open spaces and surrounding mountains made it possible for us to witness some of the most incredible sunrises and sunsets we have seen during our travels so far.

Cave Creek Regional Park
-The bloggers digs at Cave Creek Regional Park

But we came here to party a bit.  One of the joys of RV’ing and blogging about your experiences is meeting new friends, either at RV parks or via your blogs.  We first experienced it while in Alaska, stumbling upon the good folks at Roadlife who were there a few weeks ahead of us.  We eventually met Ayn and Chuck in Anchorage.  At Cave Creek we met up with Ingrid and Al of Live, Laugh, RV .  We had been following each other’s blogs and learning about the places we had been.  We’d hang out with these cool folks from Colorado during our entire stay at the campground!

The bloggers
-With Ingrid of Live Laugh RV

At this park we also met snowbirders from Montana, Larry and Nancy.  What do bloggers and RV’ers do when they meet in the Sonoran Desert?  Hike and Party!  And so we did.

On this stop I also paid a visit to my former manager and co-workers.  When I was still gainfully employed, I was based in San Jose, CA, while my manager Dan and co-workers Rajesh, Rajani, Parani,  Paul and Suba were stationed in the upscale town of Scottsdale.  Scottsdale is only half an hour drive from our campground.  So the day after we arrived, I dragged Steve along to pay my friends a visit and to check out their office digs.  It was good to see them and catch up with the latest about work and what I have not missed all these months.  We had some excellent Indian food that night too – great to see you guys!

– with Rajani and Rajesh

Despite the storm and rain that passed through Cave Creek, we managed to explore and do lots of activities other than socializing in the surrounding areas. Stay tuned.

For now take a peek at some of the gorgeous sunsets.

Sunset at Cave Creek
Enjoying sunset with friends
Sunset at Cave Creek
just one of the many stunning sunsets



  1. The saguaro cacti gave me bunny ears!!! Good times, great sunsets, and even better company. …doesn’t get much better. You missed out on a fun visit to the Buffalo Chip for dinner and bull riding. We’re booked back here Feb 1-19….can’t get enough of the sunsets and balloons. Great photos and post!

  2. Having spent many years in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona, gotta say that they have some of the best sunsets I’ve seen. We will be staying at Cave Creek Regional Park the first part of Feb. Sorry to have missed the two of you and hope to see you sometime down the road.

  3. MMMMM…..sittin back sippin on some sippin wine and watching that incredible sunset! Yep, that’s a great life!!!! Happy New Year y’all 😉

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