Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

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August, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the money,
quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability and what
we believe other RV’ers in our situation would be looking
for) = 9 out of 10 stars

Although spacing wasn’t generous, the vegetation gave privacy to each site
Nice washrooms, but I didn’t like the pay showers
The entrance with the office, laundry room and washrooms
Looking west down one of the rows

Noise level and overall “feel” of the campground?
This is a fairly large campground, but we didn’t sense a lot of traffic through
the park during the day.  No exterior traffic noise, and only an occasional
train passing through in the distance.  It’s about 16 miles from Calgary,
which is where we spent a day visiting the city.  We felt comfortable leaving
our coach here for a week when we left for a “side trip” during our stay.

Road and site access?
Interior roads were paved, and sites were gravel.  There were back-in and
pull-through sites with easy access into all of them.

Condition of sites?
There were trees and lots of shrubs between almost all of the sites, giving
a feeling of privacy.  However, the sites weren’t very wide so it was difficult
to get into the utility bays with the slides out.  Site length was generous,
with plenty of room to park the car on one end.  The trees were large
enough to provide partial shade and still allow satellite access in most cases.
There was a small lawn area at each site.  Our site (#103) and most of the
others we looked at were very close to level.

Utilities offered and their quality?
Sites were full hookup, and the 30-amp power was strong as was the water
pressure.  No cable here, but the park’s WiFi worked well..  Location of the
utility posts was fine for our connections.  The Verizon signal to our devices
was good.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
A nice heavily-built picnic table and fire pit were located at each site.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
Washrooms (Canadian speak) were clean with lots of shower stalls – at
$2.00 for 5 minutes!  I don’t like that in a park where we pay good money.
We don’t use them anyway, but I wanted to give a heads-up.  The showers
had hooks and a tiny shelf, but not a bench for larger items.  The laundry
room was clean with lots of machines, but no folding counters – what’s up
with that?

Pet friendly?
Not so friendly within the park, but the adjacent path is long and we saw
many dogs running off-leash during our walks.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
The above-mentioned path was very popular for walking, and we got in a
good walk on a couple of occasions.  It runs along close to Bow River and
was a great way to get some exercise.

Groceries & other services nearby?
Cochrane is a very nice little town less than 20 miles from extremely busy
Calvary.  Plenty of stores and restaurants, and a quaint little downtown
area that we enjoyed.  Although we didn’t check specifically, I have no
doubt that major RV repairs could be performed in the huge Calgary area.

This is a “resort” type of park, and if privacy is a main goal it may not
satisfy.  Didn’t like that showers were “pay” type.

Although it is a resort, it’s a nice one with some feeling of privacy due to
the vegetation between sites and fairly good spacing.  Strong utilities and
good facilities, good access to Calgary, a nice little town where we could
get everything we needed and the excellent trail right at the park – I can’t
find much fault with it.  There’s even a great little brewery right up the
street! Top it all off with reasonable rates for the area, and it earns a
near-perfect score from us.