Where are Steve and Mona Liza now?

Thumb Butte

Black Canyon City, AZ


We’ve explored 45 states and 6 Canadian provinces during our journey since March, 2012, crossing the U.S. / Canadian border 20 times.

Below is an image of our 2015 travel route.  Click on it to access an interactive map of all our stops this year, with campground reviews at each one.  We hope it will be helpful to you during your travels!

At this point I must thank Paul and Nina of Wheelingit for turning me on to Umap.  In my opinion they continue to be the premier blog site for full-time RV’ers, and they are once again on the cutting edge of tools that help us all. I tried several other mapping options, but Umap came out on top for us.  After many hours I’ve been able to convert our maps over, and they’re going to get better next year!  ~Steve

Click here to view maps of our previous routes and stops since we began jammin’ on down the road!

Our 2015 travel route –

2015 travel route