World Wonders Cruise Diary -Day 1

The day has finally arrived!  It doesn’t seem like long ago that our Viking World Wonders cruise was still on the back burner, but preparations picked up a few months and it’s finally happening!

All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…

We’re currently cruising across the vast Pacific Ocean aboard Viking Sun!  As we mentioned in our previous post, we’ve changed our blogging format to more of a “daily diary”, as our stops are going to be happening fast in a week when we reach our first stop and we won’t have time to do what we used to.  Steve will be doing the writing to cover each day’s activities – now I get to edit 🙂  I’ll post just a few pictures to give a flavor of our stops.  This is all assuming we have connectivity, of course.  Viking provides WiFi on the ship, but we’ve already experienced periods of extreme slowness so we’ll see how it goes.

Hard at work in my new office

Day 1 – Jan 4th

Flight from Tucson to Los Angeles for the cruise departure –

Awoke at 5:00am for a 7:20am flight to L.A. The flight was smooth and on-time, but we sat on the ground at LAX for 40 minutes waiting for a gate to accept the aircraft.  Crazy, crazy airport.  We were transferred to the ship by a Viking-contracted bus and arrived around 10:30am.  Getting our luggage and ourselves through security and onto the ship was very smooth.

Our stateroom was to be ready for us at 2:00pm, but the ship’s World Cafe was open and we got our first look at the tremendous selection of excellent food and service we’d be enjoying for the next 4 months – wow!

Our floating home until May!

After stuffing ourselves for the first time we started walking around the ship to check it out, and we decided to see where our stateroom was.  Good move – even though it was at least 2 hours until it was to be available, we found a room steward nearby and begged him to let us in just so we could drop our luggage and not have to keep hauling it around the ship with us.  He let us in and said it was ready – yay!  There was a problem with our room keys that we had to resolve, but after that the long process of unpacking multiple suitcases began and lasted into the night.

Explorer’s Lounge, my smile is already waning after the 100th picture…

We took breaks for another excellent meal and to attend the mandatory emergency drill that is required on all cruises.  By 7:00pm the ship had pulled away from the dock and we were on our way!  We now have 7 days at sea to endure, with no land in sight.  There will of course be plenty of activities and food around to keep us entertained, but with little else to do we may not post again for a few days.

Pictures taken while exploring the beautiful Viking Sun:

Watching the refueling operations below
Second snack on embarkation day, with the behemoth Royal Princess in the background – no thanks, we like our “little” ship

Instead of one designated library, there are hundreds of books on various topics placed in spaces throughout the ship.

Attending the “Welcome Aboard” party
Goodbye Los Angeles, Goodbye U.S.A.




  1. I look forward to following your journey. Between reading yours’s and Andy’s posts, I’ll feel like I’m there yet enjoying all the comforts of remaining on solid ground. Looks like a nice place to call home for the next 4 months … and no cleaning or cooking necessary!

  2. Glad to see this post. I was wondering how things were. There is definitely an advantage to being an RVer when it comes to livability in ship’s cabins. The small size never bothers us.

  3. I’m SO glad you’re taking us along on your journey!! I get to live vicariously through you. 🙂 Your stateroom looks so spacious compared to RV living, especially the bathroom. And you even have a sauna on board! I’m looking forward to your next post, and I’m hoping you’re going to include some glamour shots of the food. You know how I love good food. 😊

    PS Love your sunglasses, ML!!

  4. Sounds like a great beginning to the trip of a life time. The ship’s interior looks very comfortable for a four month journey. Living in a MH makes every space very livable. Happy sailing!!

  5. Bon Voyage! The ship looks amazing and your room very comfy. And the balcony just makes it even better. Looking forward to the next chapter of your journey.

  6. Great post, we’re all looking forward to this trip! Dave wonders if there is any way we can track the progress of your ship, like you can see planes moving along their route? I like your new haircut MonaLiza.

  7. Enjoy your cruise….looks so exciting. As I write this, we are arriving at Lake Havasu City for our first Xcapers Bash. Should be interesting. 🙂

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