World Wonders Cruise Diary- Day 2,3,4 – Pacific Ocean

Day 2,3,4 – Jan 6-8

Cruising the Pacific –

Our first full day at sea was a mixed bag of pleasure and pain.  Mona Liza was seasick most of the day, and I’m moving like a cripple since I seemed to have pulled my back pretty good while hauling luggage toward and around LAX (I think it was Mona Liza’s bag that did me in 😦

We think since this is a smaller vessel than the mega-ships, it’s more affected by the 10-foot waves and high winds.  Despite her tummy and my back, we were able to roam around the ship and quickly get acquainted with its layout – especially the restaurants and walking track!

Mona Liza has been helping me ice down my back a couple of times a day, and the hot tub has become my new friend

The next day was better weather and the good times really began.  We’re participating in a few of the lectures and activities, but mostly eating and exercising, making sure to walk around our little floating paradise many times until we accumulate at least 10,000 steps daily.  Our stateroom is on the 7th deck, and we always take the stairs between there and activities on the 2nd deck. There’s also a gym we plan to spend more time in soon.

Wildlife watching talk in the Explorer’s Lounge.  So far absolutely no wildlife!
Yoga/Pilates Class
Talking with Captain Olav at the greeting party – very nice man

Those walks are absolutely required because of the unbelievable food offered throughout the day.  My goodness, we’ve never seen this quality of food on any other cruise or anyplace we’ve traveled for that matter.  Not only does the ship have multiple restaurants with amazing offerings, but in addition there are “special” gastronomic gatherings each day.  We were excited to show up at the King Crab salad bar for lunch one day, and at the Cobb Salad event the next.  The service from everyone on board is typical of Viking – outstanding!

Here’s just a sampling:

Cobb salad lunch by the pool

Our stateroom is small but fine for us, we’re used to small spaces!  The only issue is storing everything we had to bring for a 4-month stay.  Mona Liza left me almost half of the closet and a couple of drawers for my things, as she jam-packed every other nook and cranny with hers.  When she unpacked her luggage I couldn’t see the bed for several hours!

We’ve already met up with RV’ers/world cruisers Andy and Judi, whom we knew in advance would be on the cruise.  We enjoyed dinner with this very interesting couple and had a great time.  Judi was MonaLiza’s angel, as she gave her a Scopolamine Patch to alleviate her sea sickness.  It’s working like a charm and my baby is smiling again, thanks Judi!

With Andy and Judi

Some more pictures from around the Viking Sun:

Washing hands before entering the World Cafe
Real towels for drying hands – the public bathrooms are gorgeous, accompanied by chirping birds
The Restaurant – only one seating for dinner, no reservations required
Aquavit – a place to eat, swim or soak when it’s not windy or cold
There are seating areas with ocean views throughout the ship
Hot tub and infinity pool
Chillin’ with a cappuccino at the Viking Cafe
Our favorite hangout – the Explorer’s Lounge right at the front of the ship

We’ll post again in a few days as we approach our first stop – The Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.




  1. Thanks again for a tour of the ship. Looks like a wonderful place to call home for four months! We will be sailing on the Viking Orion in July and I’m so happy to get a preview of what we can expect. I hope by now you and Mona Lisa are both feeling better.

  2. looks pretty cushy! Glad MonaLiza is feeling better now and we hope your back gets back to normal soon, that’s no fun no matter where you are!

  3. I am sure you will find some great hikes to burn off all those calories, when you do your shore excursions! Have Fun!

  4. The ship is beautiful and all that food looks mouth watering. Hope the two of you are feeling better and enjoying the experience.

  5. Definitely looks like a wonderful ship, I love the floor to ceiling views from the lounge. So glad to hear ML is feeling better with the patch. Sorry your back is still acting up. Good you have a week of rest to get it into touring shape. The food display is amazing. Lots of good, tasty, fresh, low cal offerings. Almost to your first destination!!!

  6. Wow, so pretty… and the food looks great! How many people are on the boat? It looks so spacious and uncrowded! I’m glad to hear the seasickness meds are working and hope Steve’s back improves soon. Thanks for taking us along on this incredible journey!

  7. Thanks for the seasickness tip. We are going on a trip to alaska and were wondering about the ship rock n roll

  8. What a gorgeous place to spend the next four months. I love all the windows and views and how comfortable it all looks! You were lucky Steve to get half the closet and not one, but two drawers! Gay

  9. Wow is all I can say. You are definitely in the lap of luxury. Hope the pain and discomfort for both of you is rapidly fading away so you can enjoy this amazing experience. Can’t believe you knew someone on this cruise. You guys must know everybody.

  10. Ooo, sorry about the seasickness and the continued back troubles. So nice that a friend had a patch for ML! The ship looks wonderful, and it seems like there are many places to enjoy where there are no crowds. I don’t think I could take TBG on a cruise with all that food available all the time. It would be nonstop feasting!

  11. What an incredible adventure you’ve embarked on. I’ve never cruised, mostly because of my sea-sickness so I feel for Mona Liza! And I know I’d over eat with all that delish food. Can’t wait to see all your visiting adventures on this world trip.


  12. The ship looks beautiful! The variety of activities looks like so much fun (and so relaxing), from yoga to just chilling out in a comfy chair with a view of the endless ocean. You’re going to wear a groove in the deck walking around and around to get your 10,000 steps in every day, LOL! I would be doing the same, especially with all of the great food. Fortunately, it looks like they’re offering lots of healthy choices on the menu!

  13. Looks like it will be a great trip. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to many more posts. Cheers

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