Hello, Wyoming!

Northern Flicker

Excitement prevailed as we finally left Utah behind and started our climb into the 47th state of our adventure.  As Steve navigated the long climb followed by a steep downgrade to our new home base at Lander, we immediately recognized what this state is known for – wide open spaces, cattle, wild horses and cowboys.  It also has the lowest population density of any state in the lower […]

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Replacing an engine coalescing (CCV) filter

This is Steve’s post detailing some maintenance he did recently on the coach.  His mechanically-minded buddies may enjoy it, but probably nobody else. Betsy has been intermittently displaying a fault code indicating “high crankcase pressure” for quite some time, and after a bunch of research, I learned one thing I could do to possibly resolve the problem is replace the crankcase ventilation (CCV) […]

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A logjam of fossils – Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Dinosaur National Monument

In 1909, Earl Douglass, a paleontologist working for the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburg, PA discovered a formation layered with prehistoric plant and animal fossils.  What he found that summer day turned out to be part of the most complete Apatosaurus skeleton ever discovered.  He called the digsite Carnegie Quarry. For several years he was busy digging, excavating, documenting and shipping out fossil bones for the Carnegie […]

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