Of Friends and Palm Trees

On our way out of the Florida Keys, a funny thing happened as we were leaving the RV park.  It’s not often that we see another Winnebago Tour motorhome in an RV park – they are not nearly as common as the Tiffin Phaeton model.  But on this day as we were about to hook up our car, Steve pulled up next to another Winnebago Tour towing a Honda CR-V like ours.  And the other folks were also registered in South Dakota, using the same mail service we do!  We enjoyed talking with them for a few minutes before they pulled out just ahead of us, heading to Fort Lauderdale – just as we were!


In addition to birds and beaches, palm trees dominate the scene in Florida, especially in the southern part of the state.  Here, palm trees adorn highways, line side streets and are used in landscaping for houses or just as centerpieces.  I didn’t pay much attention to these trees until my one time header, taken of a palm in Puerto Rico, got LuAnn’s (Paint Your Landscape) curiosity as to its name.

Her query  got me into “research mode”, and I began to focus my camera on palm trees so I could google them to learn more (as if learning about birds isn’t enough for me).  I couldn’t find that particular palm from Puerto Rico here in Florida, and as a last resort I contacted the hotel in San Juan to ask about it.  Incredibly, they got back to me with complete details about the Fiji Fan Palm Tree.  Isn’t it a beautiful one?

Fiji Fan Palm Tree
Fiji Fan Palm Tree

You may wonder why I went to such trouble?  Well, I was about to finally meet LuAnn. We had been hoping to meet since last year when we were both in Arizona, and again while we were in Ohio.  But our paths and schedules just never came together.  Fast forward to this winter in Florida, and our stars finally aligned.  She and Terry were parked just a few miles from us when we were in Davie, near Fort Lauderdale.

Happy hour at the Lowe's

Over wine, good food and LuAnn’s smooth and yummy chocolate pudding dessert, we had a great time talking with her and Terry.  This was our first time getting together, yet we felt like we had known each other for a long time and were just catching up.  We clicked right away, and there was such a positive vibe between us.  LuAnn is reserved, as I’d imagined her to be when reading her introspective posts.  She has one of the most well-written blogs encompassing not just their RV travels, but also musings about life, her beautiful poetry, great photography and yummy recipes.  Terry is ever the gentleman, outgoing and funny.  We all got along so well that we lost track of time!  We had a wonderful visit and vowed to meet up again, maybe even to travel together somewhere in the future.  They are a delight and we are so glad our paths finally crossed.

Paint your Landscape
Blogger gals rendezvous

It’s funny that we forgot to talk about the Fiji Fan Palm tree, as there were so many other interesting tales to share.  But here are some notable palm trees that I have encountered here in southern Florida.  These trees enjoy the warm, humid climate and sandy soils that Florida has to offer. There are thousands of palm tree types but these are the ones I thought worth showing.

Royal Palms
Royal Palms at Homestead
Fox Tail Palm Tree
Fox Tail Palms at Punta Gorda
Indian Date Palms at Ft. Myers
Bizmark Palm Trees
Bizmarck Palms along our route to Miami
Coconut Trees
Coconut Palms obscure a mansion in Miami
Indian Palm Tree
Dr. P. Frost’s (inventor of Viagra) mansion lined with exotic  Palm Trees in Miami
Palm Trees seen in Venice, FL
Palm Trees in Venice

Steve and I love all of these palm trees, they just put us in such a fun tropical mood. We’ll miss them and the ocean shoreline that we’ve enjoyed for the past several months, when we begin making our way inland in a few weeks.

Finally, a last look at the Miami skyline with windblown palm trees in the foreground.

Miami Skyline

I’m glad LuAnn sparked my interest and that I paid more attention to these beautiful trees.



  1. I was amazed at how many different varieties of palms there are. I started taking pictures when we were in Key West because they were all so different and beautiful.

    So glad you, too, had the opportunity to meet LuAnn and Terry. What lovely people!

    • Gorgeous photos of all the palms, I am just starting to be able to distinguish the many different varieties. My favorite of all your photos is the Fiji Fan. You piqued my curiosity and I learned they are more common in the South Pacific including Hawaii, but can be grown in Florida.

      Your time with LuAnn and Terry sounded like it was very special. Hopefully, your “stars will align” again as you continue your journeys.

    • Those palm trees are gorgeous much as I try I can only identify a few. We have to enjoy them while we are still here in Florida for we won’t see them up north.
      Terry and LuAnn are a delight to be with and was so happy to finally meet them.

  2. Palm trees are amazing MonaLiza. We have the date palm trees (thus…date shakes) here in Yuma along with the very tall ones. Now I am curious! The Royal Palms in Homestead was my favorite picture.
    I enjoy LuAnn”s blog and photography too. What a treat you both had to meet each other!

  3. The header photo is so beautiful. And yes, all the palm trees are gorgeous!

    LuAnn does write a wonderful blog. I am glad you said she was a bit reserved because that is the picture of have of her also.

  4. I loved your Palm Study. The pictures were great and I’m so happy you labeled them all, I always wonder which ones are which but I never remember to look them up. After all these months here in Florida I’ve begun to take them for granted, thanks for reminding me to appreciate my surroundings. Say, is that our jeep in the Venice picture?

  5. I do Love LuAnn’s blog as I do yours, it must have been pure joy meeting up together, with so much in common I’m not surprised time past so fast… enjoy your palm trees, recognise a few from here…

  6. MonaLiza and Steve, thanks so much for your kind words. We can’t thank you two enough for taking the time to get together, particularly because you were on the road again the next day. This lifestyle is such a blessing as we have met some of the most wonderful people, you and Steve being among those! We look forward to the day when we meet again and have more time to do a little hiking perhaps, and share a few more laughs.

    I can’t believe we didn’t even talk about the palm trees. What a treat that you did the research and shared some lovely photos. The Fiji Fan Palm is still my favorite!

    Safe travels to the two of you! We will be following along on your adventures. Now I must get busy gathering my thoughts for a post or two on the Keys. I am getting behind as usual! 🙂

    • Agree this lifestyle afforded us to meet with a whole lot of cool people becoming great friends.
      I remembered about the palms after you left. I have not seen that kind in Florida yet despite all my palm picture taking.
      We will meet again for sure and hopefully neighbors so we can go out and enjoy nature and wildlife together.

  7. Weeee! It’s really really nice to see you all together! Luann is now a pro with blog meets so I know her quote and quote reserved personality is diminishing away with bloggers. I’m jealous though. The next I meet with Lu, Ima demand that she bring me food she cooked! Ahihihi 😀

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