Good Friends Gather Once More – Punta Gorda, FL

We are continuing to meander up the southwest coast of Florida, on our slow northward migration.  Our next stop was in the city of Punta Gorda, spanish for “fat point”.  It sits at a point where the Peace River meets Charlotte Harbor.  On our way there we caught a glimpse of this interesting car.  Would you ride in this red wagon?  Steve said he would!

Immediately after settling in, we contacted our friends Dave and Sue, John and Pam, and Joe and Judy to make arrangements to get together one more time before we leave Florida.  Fortunately they were able to carve some time away from their “busy” retirement schedules to meet us for meals.  But more on that later, as Steve and I had some exploring to do around our new home base.

Harbor Bridges, Punta Gorda
Harbor Bridges Mural

During our walk along the Punta Gorda Harborwalk we discovered the cool Harbor Bridges Mural.  It depicts Theodore Roosevelt (who came to Punta Gorda in 1917) and his guide in the foreground with a Manta Ray they had beached.  The center of the mural shows Charlotte Harbor, and the sides show the old and new Harbor Bridges.  The arrow indicates the locations of Punta Gorda and Gasparilla Island, our points of interest while staying in the area.

Punta Gorda Harbor Walk
A section of the Harborwalk with the Harbor bridges (highway 41 north and south) in the background

Steve and I had been lamenting that our walks here in Florida lacked elevation.  The walking/hiking trails are almost completely flat, and we were hoping for some changes in elevation as we walked around scenic Charlotte Harbor.  The pathway is quite popular, well maintained and cuts through various city parks.

As we neared the east end of the pathway, it branched out.  One path went safely under the bridge and the other lead across it.  We followed the one onto the northbound US 41 bridge, and ahead of us was the steepest incline we have seen in months – the bridge itself.  Pitiful!

US41 bridge heading north
Hey, look at that hill!
Harbor Bridges
Twin bridges, US 41 Northbound and Southbound

Walking across bridges is obviously not our favorite way to exercise, what with the noise and car emissions.  But we walked both of them, and after adding that to our harbor walk we had covered several miles.

Harbor Bridges, Punta Gorda

The Harbor Bridges (also called the Highway 41 Twin Bridges) cross the Peace River and connect Punta Gorda to Port Charlotte to the north. Our efforts were rewarded with several wildlife sightings – dolphins, jellyfish, stingrays and other fish.  Not bad after all!

In another area we saw these feathered friends frolicking and scurrying for food in the the pond at nearby Fishermans Village.

On another day we hauled our bikes to Gasparilla Island, part of a chain of Gulf Coast barrier islands.  We paid the $6 causeway toll and a $3 parking fee before beginning our ride from the south end of the island where the restored 1890 lighthouse sits.

Boca Grande Lighthouse
A restored 1890 Boca Grande Lighthouse

From there we followed the Boca Grande bike path, a paved 6.5-mile trail which is credited as Florida’s first rail-trail.  It travels the length of the Gulf Coast barrier island. The northern section has a separate jogging/walking path that is privately maintained and beautifully landscaped.  We shared the bike path with an ocassional golf cart, which appear to be the preferred mode of local transportation in this upscale area.

Boca Grande Bike Path
Landscapde Boca Grande bike path

On our way back home we stumbled upon a Fishery Market and Restaurant in Placida. We saw fresh-caught fish being unloaded from a boat and taken directly to the market. I was so excited to see not only the various fish, but they also had blue crabs available when we stopped by.  I wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity!  I got 5 crabs and 3 various kinds of fish for a measly $17!  After packing them into our trusty ice chest that never leaves the car, we proceeded to have a fabulous lunch at the Fishery Restaurant. Then we raced home so I could clean my yummy catch in time to have some more for dinner!

One day we hopped on a boat cruise that took us across Charlotte Harbor for Sunday brunch at a place called Burnt Store.  Legend says the Trading Post there was burned down by Billy Bowlegs, the leader of an Indian settlement who was pissed off when settlers invaded their territory.  The Trading Post was never rebuilt, and the name Burnt Store stuck.  The road leading to it – and the one on which we stayed at Gulf View RV Resort (see Steve’s review here) – is Burnt Store Road.  Although the boat cruise was relaxing, the brunch was not very good and there was nothing much else to see or do at Burnt Store.  However, we were happy to see the migrants just offshore, White Pelicans hanging out on a sandbar.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but these guys are huge – much bigger than a typical brown pelican.

White Pelicans
White Pelicans migrants

The birthday boy, Steve, celebrated his birthday by going to the Muscle Car City Museum after reading Sue and Dave’s recent post about it. He discovered that the museum  was right up the street from our RV park.  It had an amazing collection of Corvettes, at least one from every year it has been produced.  He also salivated over the Camaros, Chevelles and El Caminos, all of which he had worked on and rebuilt in his earlier mechanical life.

Muscle Car City

Muscle Car City Museum
This guy bought a former Walmart store and filled it with classic cars – how cool is that?
Muscle Car City Museum
Steve had a good laugh at this sign in the restroom

Finally, the chance to gather with friends had arrived.  We first met up for lunch with Joe and Judy at Ft. Myers, a midway point between Bonita Springs and Punta Gorda. They were so kind to restock us with fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice from Sun Harvest.  After our BBQ meal we talked about where we might meet again and said our goodbyes.

Next we drove to Venice, Florida to meet up one more time with Sue and Dave of Belugas Excellent Adventure, and John and Pam of Oh the Places.  We had a delicious lunch at Sharkys by the Pier and then walked to the Venice pier and along the beach.  Sue introduced us to fossilized shark tooth hunting/collecting.

Sue told us that collecting prehistoric shark’s teeth has been a favorite pastime for visitors and residents of the Venice area for years.  They may be black, brown, or gray, depending on the minerals in the soil in which they have been buried.  They range in size from one eighth inch to three inches, and on rare occasions larger.  Collectors or enthusiasts bring their metal sifter, scoop up a bunch of sand, then dump it on the beach before sifting through for the teeth.

During subsequent walks I have collected some items, but I think only one of them might be a shark’s tooth.  Am I right Sue?

Fossilized Sharks Teeth
Fossilized Sharks Teeth?

After the beach adventure we followed our friends to Snook Haven, where the sign says it all:

Snook Haven

After enjoying a refreshment and more talk, the cool people had to split up and be on their way.  We vowed to meet again somewhere in this vast land of ours, perhaps this summer.  Thank you friends, for hanging out with us – and lets keep in touch!



  1. We also feel like hiking isn’t really hiking unless there are some hills or mountains to climb — but I have to admit, I sure do love the flat trails of Florida for biking! We just started following your blog and are enjoying your travels. We’ve spent the winter in Florida, too — but have been in north Florida since the end of December.

  2. What a lovely post.. and I was unaware that you got white faced whistlers there, that’s the duck in the circle… wonderful place to be.. yes I’d ride in the cart and would have joined Steve at the car museum, I’d have been drooling over those cars… dream cars the were… loved this post… and the tour with you…

  3. The fun never ends…….we just may have to put FL on that list of ours. When it comes to bike riding, I sure appreciate flat. Now that we’re back in the desert, I’m missing that fresh seafood. Be sure and stock that freezer of yours before getting to far north.

  4. Happy birthday Steve!

    If there are no hills in Florida I don’t know if we would be happy there! Cracks me up that you had to resort to bridges to get any elevation in your walk! Sounds like you need to get back out West!

    Looks to me like you got a sharks tooth…very neat!

  5. That wagon is a hoot!
    Boca Grande bike path is beautiful.
    When you six were there, it should have been name “The Coolest People.” lol Glad you had one last hurrah!

  6. I had to laugh as I read about your “hike” up that huge “hill!” That about does it for elevation here in FL. Boy are we going to suffer with our first few hikes out west. We are trying to keep in shape with walking and long bike rides but ti doesn’t match climbing those mountain trails.

    We did the Muscle Car Museum today! Wow! What a place! The cars were beautiful. Great birthday day for Steve!

    We will most definitely keep in touch and see you down the road:) Great find of two sharks teeth!!

    • I know we keep on trudging in low flat trails 😦
      It looks like Im the only one who has not seen those cool cars that Steve was drooling over.
      Pam, we found another orange grove here that also sells fresh squeezed juice and Honey Bells ! yum.

  7. Steve, Great to see the pictures of your adventures, next time you make it through Northern California drop me a line – keep the adventures rolling and I can’t beleive it has already been two years since you retired. Bill Iles

    • Good to hear from you Bill, and I hope things are going well for you. Not sure when we’ll get back to CA, having too much fun and have a lot more to see. But I’ll keep you in mind and look you up. Take care! ~Steve

  8. Thank you Laurel, glad that you are enjoying the ride. Flat trails are good for biking for I don’t do well with hills on a bike. We are now in Chassahowitzka River up on the Nature Coast heading towards the Gulf Coast.

    • Mona Liza, I just saw your response — we’re going to be in and around Apalachicola for several weeks — if you’re anywhere nearby, it would be fun to meet up and share traveling stories! If you would like, you can contact me directly through our website. 🙂

  9. Love your post on Punta Gorda, Florida. I was there for the last time last year and will be there again soon at the end of March. An amazing place… beautiful homes… gorgeous vegetation…and great fishing. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Happy belated birthday Steve! You seemed to celebrate it in grand style. You two have had some of the most amazing adventures. Glad we have been able to tag along via your blog and for the opportunity to meet. Hopefully we will see you again out west. We will all be in trouble when we first try to tackle some of those mountain trails out west after these flat trails in FL.

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