Island Girls meet on Prince Edward Island – fun, fun, fun!

Prince Edward Island was such a fitting place for the “island girls” to meet.  But before I reveal who they are, allow me to first share more sights and scenes around PEI.  Being a small island, its waters are teeming with all things seafood – including lobsters, mussels, oysters, quahogs and bar clams, among others.  We can proudly boast that we have dined on the freshest and best PEI mussels in existence.  Steve got adventurous and ordered two new shellfish in his food vocabulary, Quahogs and Bar Clams.  That was a great decision – yum!

Our new friend Brenda tipped us off about French River, which was just a few miles from our campground.  It is one of PEI’s most famously picturesque fishing villages, and what a view it is!

French River

My panoramic shot cannot capture it’s unique features, the contrasting yet complimentary combination of water view and farmland in ONE  single vista.

French River

And so here is my attempt to take section shots.  They were taken on a perfectly clear day from left to right on the pano shot. Just imagine yourself sitting on top of a hill overlooking this vista. Simply beautiful.



French River

French River

We spent a while here just admiring gorgeous views we haven’t seen anywhere else!

Now, back to the “island girls” meeting.  When I learned that Island Girl was in the Canadian Maritimes the same time we were, my desire to meet a fellow blogger kicked in.  We had been following each other, and a rendezvous was in order at the right place on the island.  As you know, I hail from one of the thousands of islands in the Philippines – Cebu – while Brenda is from another beautiful island – Puerto Rico.  They appropriately named their coach Island Girl!  So, we had our own little summit on PEI.  Brenda, Hector and the very sweet 4-legged doggie Angel were perfect hosts at their campground right on the sea.

Island Girl
What a view they had – I’m almost standing in the water to get this shot!

Hector who comes from Cuba showed us his shucking skills, offering the “boutique” oysters from the area – Malpeques and Raspberry points.  Both are delicious!  We shared travel ideas and tips, and enjoyed each other’s company so much that we forgot about the time.

Check them out, as they have covered a lot of ground while here in the Maritimes.  Not to mention, Hector’s photography is outstanding!

Island Girl
Brenda and Mona Liza at the official Island Girls site!

Also, they happened to be at an awesome spot for a gorgeous sunset.

New Annan, Sunset
Sunset at New Annan




  1. That is so awesome! There was a lot of good things going on around that table with a few…friends and food just to mention a couple! I will for sure check out their blog.

    You did an awesome job with the photos of the view….I could almost feel the cool PEI breeze!

    Hope Betsy is OK.

  2. I am so glad you two are having such nice weather. You don’t have the winter coat on! My mouth is just watering for some of that fresh seafood:)

    Our nice weather trip was on a motorcycle so we didn’t do many side trips. Our suppose to be month stay was terrible. I guess July isn’t quite warm enough yet. When you have to use your heat during the day, it is time to move on. So that is what we did. Maybe one year we will go back later in the summer.

    Hope everything is all right with Betsy!! Halifax and the surroundings are wonderful!! You will have so much fun! Can’t wait to hear about them:)

  3. Another blogger meet up… fun. I’ll be sure and check out their blog. Those photos have me wanting to head east…..perhaps in a year or two 🙂

  4. What fun! You never know who you’ll meet when you travel! Sometimes it’s a wonderful and joyful encounter! 🙂

  5. MonaLiza, you are so cute! Thanks for mentioning our blog, fellow Island Girl. We didn’t try the bar clams, how were they?
    We’re in Perce, Quebec right now, then off to Tadoussac, Quebec, then Quebec City. Where are you guys? Say hi to Steve.
    Happy trails,

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