Blazing some trails on Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) isn’t just all pastoral landscapes and gleaming harbors.  The island is also famous for being the home of Anne of Green Gables, and I vaguely remember the tv series from decades ago.  However, since I wasn’t a fan we skipped a trip to the Green Gables National Historic Site.  Fortunately, our base camp at Cavendish was only five minutes away from PEI National Park.  As always, we did what we do whenever we get a chance – hike and bike.

On our first full day we hiked one of the trails which took us through several micro-environments.

Duneland at PEI
Starting off toward the dunes along beautiful Cavendish Beach.
Cavendish Beach
He made it!  I’m down on the beach already.

After a while the trail took us out into a wetlands area.

Cavendish Beach

Homestead Trail
The clouds seemed to mimic the outline of the trees.
A good looking Merlin checked us out from above.

We finally ended up at a red beach where I touched the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Next we headed back inland and followed the Homestead Trail.  This one passed through lush forests and rolling farmland along the beautiful shores of New London Bay.

The sun was already high over our heads so there were no shady spots to rest on this section, but at every turn we were faced with meadows of pretty colorful wildflowers.

Homestead Trail
Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!
Homestead Trail, PEI
Is he lost?  Does he care?

A hint that summer is almost over.

On another day we took our bikes and followed the coastline of PEI fronting the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The soil on PEI is a deep red, so the dramatic rocks and cliffs around the coast reflect this, while the sand on the beaches is white.  It makes for a stunning coastline.

PEI Coastline

There were many areas of reddish sandstone like this one.
PEI Coastal Trail
Why is this woman so happy? Could it be the wildflowers, the birds, the beach? Maybe all of the above?
PEI Coastline
Steve spotted something way out at the end of the rocks – is that a bird ?
Bald Eagle
After getting closer – yup, it’s a Bald Eagle!

Several foxes strutted along the road causing a traffic jam.

Red Fox
Red fox trotting along the road.
Red Foxes
These foxes look like they’re kissing

The day finally ended with another gorgeous sunset over the island.

Red Sand Beach
Red sand beach glowed at dusk
PEI Sunset
Gulf of St. Lawrence glowed orange in the sunset.




  1. I love the fox, bald eagle, nature photos. Prince Edward sure is a beautiful island to hike and bike around. You are so lucky to be in such a beautiful place. You could make a photo and travel book with all the great photos you have taken. Happy trails!

    I’m going hiking today in the Redwoods.

  2. Beautiful pix! I always get excited to see wildlife, and it looks like you hit the jackpot on this trip. Love that you were able to get great shots of the bald eagle and the cute little merlin. 🙂

  3. What an amazing post…you have captured all the beauty of PEI. Sure makes me want to go back there and do some hiking! The sunset is spectacular!

    Can’t wait to read about and see your adventures on Cape Breton…..

  4. A bald eagle to add to your bird photos…..jealous! What pretty country and another great job capturing. Won’t be long and the leaves will be turning.

  5. I don’t know how you two have time to download photos and write your blog! It’s great to travel with you. Beautiful pictures again and wonderful wildlife shots.

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