Begin Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway – Mono County

In the past we have driven over most of highway 395 but never stopped to smell the roses, for we had to go from point A to B and overlooked many beautiful locations.  Besides, those times we drove during summer and winter season and it is quite different now in  the fall.  We will be sharing beautiful sceneries that are often overlooked by Californians when driving through this road, us included.

Leaving Sparks, Nevada behind we head south and took highway 395,  the Scenic Eastern Sierra Nevada.  For several hundred miles the highway traces the dramatic eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, diving down into the deepest valley in North America (Death Valley) and passing roadways and trailheads that lead to all kinds of natural and historic wonders.

Highway 395 outside of Sparks, Nevada
Highway 395 south of Sparks, Nevada

Our first stop on this highway was at Bridgeport, where we set camp to explore and be awed by the beauty of the surroundings.  Bridgeport is a popular destinations for fishing – a town backed by the jagged spires of the Sawtooth Range, aptly named because of its knifelike spires of granite splitting the sky with splendid accuracy.

Bridgeport Reservoir with Sawtooth Ranges in the background
Bridgeport Reservoir with Sawtooth Ridges in the background

Driving around here we noticed the vast sage brush rangelands with wide open spaces for which the west is famous, and the vast ranges where  the happy cows from California reside.  We believe they are happy, since we noticed them smiling each time we took pictures of them!

Happy Cows from California
Happy (and lazy) cows from California.  Hey, get up and get back to work!

The interconnected Twin Lakes (located about 13 miles west) are beautiful and worth the drive; each well over a mile long, and about half a mile wide.  These lakes are nestled under the jagged crest of the Sawtooth Ridge, and the icy blue Matterhorn Glacier; they’re really something to look at.

Upper Twin Lake, Bridgeport
Upper Twin Lakes
Lower Twin Lakes
Lower Twin Lakes

Deer along the highway

Mono County Museum
Mono County Museum

Full Moon
View of Full Moon from our Kitchen

More beauty along  the Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway in Mono County.

Highway395 Highway 395

Our digs with a view at Paradise Shores RV park.

Paradise Shores
Our digs for two nights

Paradise Shores RV Park
Morning View at the Park

The mornings at Bridgeport were “brisk” – into the low 20’s and a little colder than we like to subject Betsy’s systems to.  The elevation here was over 6400′, so our next stop will be at Bishop, which is closer to 4000′ and will give us milder nights.




  1. A nostalgic look at the Eastern Sierras again for us. It certainly is beginning to get cold there at night. The 20’s is a little colder than we like as well. Safe travels and enjoy 395. 🙂

  2. I’m having so much fun first following LuAnn and Nina and now you guys on the same route. I hear nights can get pretty darn cold even in Death Valley. We used some heat last Feb in DV. We’re heading out slowly on Monday….see ya in the desert 🙂 Plan to take two to three weeks to get to Phx depending on weather….inclement weather? We’ll move faster…lol

  3. Found you guys on Wheeling It. Love to find new RV blogs that are active. We’re four years away, on junior and one freshman in high school at the moment, from our own RV adventure. Clicked on over to your sight and find your camped about 11 miles from where I was fishing today on the East Walker River in Nevada. I only live about 45 min away in Smith, Nevada. We are subjected to RVers driving up and down 395 all the time and making us long for the road. Looking forward to your adventures and living vicariously through you, among others, until we can kick the teenagers out, sell the house and move into our own RV. Good luck and take care.

    • Glad you found us and guess what, four years will arrive before you knew it. Since we had been on 395 before our initial planned route would have taken us thru Smith but changed course due to the cooling weather and closed parks, beside Wheeling It is quite persuasive on her blogs.

      • I suggested Wheeling It take the route through Smith Valley, but they’d already passed. It’s only about 20 minutes longer and, IMHO, a lot prettier. Looking forward to following your adventure until we can leave on our own.

  4. Just catching up on your 395 travels. In the 2 years we’ve done the trip we’ve never actually stopped at Bridgeport so that’s another one to add to “the list”. Sooooo much to see and do on 395. One or even two years is not enough!

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