Some hidden gems along the Eastern Sierras – Scenic Hwy 395

We’ve been on this road before, yet the scenery on Highway 395 remains awe-inspiring. We had never explored much of what lies beyond the highway, the less-traveled roads that brought us deep into the area’s natural wonders and very colorful history.  Folks who have a strong interest in geology would find this place paradise.  For us who simply want to gawk and experience its beauty, it’s best to simply spend as much time discovering hidden corners and appreciate it firsthand.  We are a couple of weeks late in enjoying the full fall splendor, as the autumn colors are beginning to fade and the temps are dropping.  And yes, we realize we can’t do it all at once – especially with some areas already closed for the season.  However, there were enough beautiful sights here to persuade us to extend our stay for a couple of days.  We will come back again to do more of our favorite outdoor activity – hiking.  There are many opportunities here but we are somewhat rushed to outrun the winter weather.  I know what you’re thinking – oh those poor people with nothing else to do but follow the sun!

The Eastern Sierra is an abrupt wall reaching two miles above the floor of the Owens Valley.  It encompasses everything from desert scrub and alkali springs to lush alpine meadows and jagged mountains holding glacial ice.  We are experiencing golden autumn leaves – fantastic fall colors in some areas.  We explored a few creeks, lakes and canyons.  But this is also a great place for so many other activities – mountain biking, 4-wheeling and lots of hiking.  And of course, you skiers would be in heaven up here!

June Lake Loop– a scenic 14-mile mountain drive where massive glaciers have carved out a steep horseshoe-shaped canyon.  The area has four lakes known not only for fishing but also for many year-round activities. At the entrance to Oh Ridge campground, a slot machine has been erected in concrete to commemorate a lost slot machine supposedly tossed into June Lake in 1941 when “the Feds” were looking around for bad guys.

June Lake Loop

Mono Lake – Travelers along scenic 395 can’t possibly miss this – the oldest lake in North America.  It is described as hauntingly beautiful and its most distinctive feature is its eerie tufa towers – mineral structures created when bubbling fresh-water springs intersect with the lake’s alkaline waters.

Mono Lake
Mono Lake viewed from an 8000′ overlook.  You can’t see Steve in front of the RV on his ladder – busily cleaning the windshield so I can take more pictures!
Steve checking out a Tufa

Crowley Lake is considered one of the best spots for trout fishing and is the focal point of Mono County’s fishing season.  To my fishermen friends, make this your next fishing destination.  The lake is named after Father J.J. Crowley, the popular “Padre of the Desert.”

Crowley Lake
Crowley Lake

At the McGee Creek Canyon we parked our car at the end of the paved road and walked further to view the wildly colorful mountains with swathes of red, orange, brown and gray.  Geologists call these “roof pendants”- chunks of older rocks remaining on top when the great gray granites Sierra rose up beneath them and glaciers ground most of the older rock away.

Red Mountain
Red Mountain
Mcgee Creek Canyon
Mcgee Creek Canyon

Convict Lake  was the site of a shootout in 1871 that occurred when local law enforcers tracked down escapees from a Nevada Prison.  The lake sits on a spectacular setting of rugged mountain peaks.  Simply beautiful!

Convict Lake
Convict Lake, my personal favorite among the lakes we visited

We drove to Rock Creek Canyon, known for its vibrant fall colors but because we blinked or we were late in the season our chances to ensure the best show had just passed.

Rock Creek Canyon
To Rock Creek Canyon

Due to the high elevation, the aspens here were the first to shed all their golden leaves.  As we drove back to camp we saw the snow starting to fall on the mountain peaks.  Time to move on! But here’s a few more photos of scenic highway 395.

Conway Summit

Desert Scrub

Cotton Woods lined the city of Bishop

We witnessed a beautiful sunset on our last night at Brown’s Town Campground in Bishop.  Stay tuned for more stories about our stop here!

Sunset at Bishop
Beautiful Sunset as seen from our campground




  1. Thanks for bringing back some great memories for us and allowing us to see some areas of the Sierras that we hadn’t seen during our trip. Safe travels to the two of you. Your photos are quite lovely. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos and stunning country. Those Tufa’s are interesting. I feel so bad for you having to follow the sun and escape the snow….lol. Look forward to more of your posts on this area!

  3. WOW! Convict Lake is stunning. Looks like a place I could stay a month at! Hope your journey south is keeping you in “shirt-sleeve” weather. 🙂

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