World Wonders Cruise Diary – Day 20 – Fiji

Cruise day 20 – Jan 24

Visit Suva, Fiji –

Where the heck is Fiji?


Well, another stop that wasn’t quite what we had imagined.  It was a very short visit, docking around 7:00am and leaving at 2:00pm.  We wanted to make the best of it, and although we had originally reserved an included narrated tour of the area, we learned about a hiking excursion along a creek with several small waterfalls.  You know what happens when we hear the word “hiking” – we were all over that!  We canceled the included excursion and spent the extra money for what ended up being a nice challenging hike.
We’re at Fiji, a place I’ve always dreamed about!  Oh…
…oh.  Where are the dense tropical forests?
Downtown’s main bus terminal

The excursion was a hike at Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, an oasis of lush jungle teeming with tropical plants and bird life – although we saw not a single birdie!  The trail we followed was moderate in effort, but terrible in condition.  Everything was wet – roots, wooden stairs and rocks – along most of the trek.  Very steep in some sections, it meandered past several small natural falls and pools, and everyone had to be extremely careful not to fall.  Fortunately, nobody did that we know of.

Our destination was a swimming hole at the end of the spring-fed creek.  Folks were allowed to take a swim there, but it was crowded so we decided to skip that and continue the hike back to the parking area on our own.  We were happy with the moderate hike, and everyone else in the group seemed to be pleased as well.

Our Fijian male tour guides wear “sulu’s”, a Fijian wrap-around skirt


When in Fiji, drink as the Fijian’s do
Our overall impression of Fiji?  Another place I had high hopes for but that turned out to be another large port city – in fact the largest in the south pacific with a population close to one million.  There are beautiful spots on the island (the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway” was filmed here), but the super-busy and noisy atmosphere of this capital city were a bit disappointing.


Our bus was late getting back, so I didn’t even have time to buy a T-shirt 😦

Back at the ship, the captain alerted us that at 12:51:04 the sun would be exactly overhead, a phenomenon called the Subpolar Point.  It’s when shadows fall straight down from the direct overhead sun – something that looked kind of weird when we checked it out!
This is as small as a person’s shadow can get
Fiji sent us off with a nice Pacific rainbow!



  1. Sorry that turned out to be shorter and less interesting than you’d hoped. At least you got a bit of a leg-stretcher and saw a pretty waterfall. Looks like hiking there is similar to what we experienced in Hawai’i = soggy and slippery! How pretty is that ginger plant flower? Where the heck were the birds?! Looks like several stops in New Zealand are next, and that’s sure to be fun 🙂

    • Glad we had a last minute change of excursion and took the hike or we would have been totally unhappy :). I began to see that bright red ginger plant since our first port stop. They are so pretty and in abundance in these in the Pacific.

  2. I think the only way to experience the “lands of our dreams” is to do land tours. That’s been my experience anyway. Nice as cruises are, most ports are places of commerce and the beautiful parts of a country may often not be close at hand. Kudos to you both for being adventurous and exploring more than shopping stops!

  3. Another big surprise. I was thinking of jungle, palm trees, sand beaches, and blue water. I never thought about that many people. Glad you were able to get out for a hike in the more natural wilderness. Love the rainbow!!

  4. Wow…it really does look like any big tropical city. Not the blue waters and forests I had imagined either. I’m glad you got a good hike in however.


  5. Wow, not at all what I expected Fiji to look like, either. I’m glad you got away from the big port city for a hike in the jungle. But no birds? I wonder why? Your tiny shadow photo is so interesting!

  6. Love you shadow photo. In fact, all your photos are very good. Scuba diving in Fiji is wonderful and so are the people!

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