1. Interesting post again! I’ve been doing a lot of reading about cuisines around the world becoming less indigenous and more westernized, and it seems Tonga is the perfect example. According to Wikipedia, their diets in former centuries were very healthy but “Togans now consume large quantities of imported flour and sugar” and Togan bakeries and soft drink bottlers have multiplied in the last century. What a shame 😦

  2. How cool is it to be the first country in the world to see a new day…everyday! I love the dancers “costumes”and their beautiful smiles. Gay

  3. The color of the water contrasted with those red tugboats is very pretty. I don’t care for their gravesite practices either! Yikes! And ruled by a king? Hmmmmm. What are those root vegetables, and did they make an appearance at the buffet tables? I think the picture of everyone waiting for the dance performance shows the most people in one place that you’ve posted so far!

    • Oh you missed my other picture during the Equator crossing ceremony, I think that was the most I have seen of everyone on board. Those root crops did not show up on our buffet 😦 but I have tasted them when I was growing up. We grow those too in the Philippines.

  4. Yeah, the cemetery practices seem yucky … but when you live on an island with limited land space, I guess you do what you have to do. I love the color of the water in that photo with the tugboats.

  5. The king sounds greedy. :-(( He should be thinking about how to improve life for his people, not taking the best of what little they have. I enjoy seeing the traditional cultural performances and the traditional foods that you’re sharing with us. Did you get to try taro root or cassava? I sometimes see them for sale in grocery stores in Florida.

    • I know, he still seems to live in the middle ages. I have tasted the cassava and taro root in my hometown but not here ib Tonga, besides we did not have time to stop by grab a bite.

  6. When you get to Fiji go over to see Treasure Island if you have time… we took the ferry over from Fiji to the Island… best snorkeling ever!

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