We are OK on Palawan Island…

Yes we are in the Philippines  and Hagupit has made landfall. Fortunately the island of Palawan where we are now is not on typhoon Hagupit’s direct path. We are expected to get rain however on Sunday evening Dec 7, Philippine time.

Steve and I appreciate your comments and email messages checking on how we are doing. We are happy to be in your thoughts. Because the typhoon veered northeast, my family in southern Cebu is also safe.

so far so good on Palawan island
So far so good on Palawan Island!




  1. SO glad to hear from you. I’ve thought of you every day and wondered about you and your family. PERFECT picture!!! Just love it !!

  2. Good to hear from you two. In the past few days, I have learned a lot about the Philippines, and Typhoon Hagupit. I see the Island of Palawan on a map, about an hour south of Manilla. I hope you and your family are on high ground there. From the Weather Channel I have gleaned that Super Typhoon Hagupit has passed through the islands but there is still heavy rain causing flooding. What terrible weather to encounter on your visit home ML. Stay safe you guys.

  3. We have been sending positive thoughts your way as well and are so glad to hear that all is well. I love your message in the sand. 🙂

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