A tapestry of colors – Lunenburg, NS

We ventured out to the southern shore of Nova Scotia and headed for the old town of Lunenburg. Enroute we caught a glimpse of the longest line of bras we have ever seen (yes – bras – as in women’s undergarments)!  We are not sure if those were decorations or for sale. (Thanks to Bax McClure comment below, the bras show support for Breast Cancer!)

Bra Line
Steve almost drove off the road when he saw all these bras!

The old town of Lunenburg is one of three Unesco World Heritage sites in Nova Scotia.  It received this honor because it is one of the best examples of a classic British colonial settlement and for its remarkable level of conservation.  First, below is a mural of the old Lunenburg, then check out my current images and you’ll notice the town is pretty much unchanged.

Mural of Old Lunenberg
Mural of Old Lunenburg

Seventy percent of the original buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries  greeted us with their colorful facades.  The locals have safeguarded the town’s identity throughout the centuries by preserving the wooden architecture of the houses and public buildings, some of which date back to the 18th century.

Zwicker Wharf

We took a walk around the narrow streets and enjoyed the charming architecture and brightly painted wooden buildings of today.

Every block featured a collection of colors from the rainbow for their paint jobs, which made the street views  a real treat to look at.




Old town Lunenberg

Then add in the bright red buildings along the harbor…

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Adams and Knickle
Adams and Knickle

Around town were 44 fish sculptures honoring the top 20 fish and shellfish species landed by the area’s commercial fisheries.

As we strolled along it became clear that the town’s vibrancy is what draws so many people here for a visit.  This little town is teeming with craft shops, art studios, inns and dozens of excellent restaurants.  We highly recommend a relaxing half-day visit here!

Back to to the waterfront, even ships/boats were in an array of bold colors.


While strolling on the wharf a tourist asked us where the Bluenose II was docked.  We couldn’t answer him, since we didn’t even know what it was.  Later on we learned it is Nova Scotia’s world-famous (maybe I’m the only one who hadn’t heard about it) sailing ambassador.  Bluenose II is a schooner designed in the spirit of the original Bluenose.  The original vessel, which has appeared on the Canadian dime since 1937, was launched from Lunenburg as a fishing and racing schooner in 1921.  After 17 years of racing victories she sank on a coral reef in 1946.  The Bluenose II is currently undergoing a major restoration in one of the dry-docks at Lunenburg. It returned to dock for repairs after re-launch Sept. 29, and there is no clear date for it to sail again.

Bluenose II

We continued driving further to a tiny fishing village called Blue Rocks to check out cool bluish sedimentary rocks at their shore.

Blue Rocks
Even the rocks are colorful!
Blue Rocks
I managed to blend in as well!
Blue Rocks Fishing Village
Just another house in Lunenburg

Finally, we bade goodbye after a day of “color overload.”

Can you see me snapping away?




  1. Your posts just keep getting prettier and better…that is the prettiest harbor I have ever seen and the colors…well, you said it best….color overload! I don’t think I would ever get tired of the “fun” you see all around you there! Our friends from Kitchner, Ontario love Peggy’s Cove…I’ve never seen pictures from there so i can hardly wait.

  2. Aha! That’s where your cool header photo came from. Your photography is wonderfun. (That’s actually a typo but I thought it was a good word to describe your pictures.)

  3. The bras show support for Breast Cancer. We have a car dealership that does it in Lexington KY.

  4. While we have not “checked in” with you in a while – we have been following your totally amazing journey. As always, your photography is wonderful. I was in Peggy’s cove many year’s ago – I will be interested in seeing how much (if any) it has changed.

  5. We have been so impressed by the places you two have chosen to explore. We are looking forward to our travel adventures north this next year. Your photography is stunning. 🙂

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