Awesomely fresh garlic and blueberries! Parish, NY

Garlic and blueberries – what an odd combination!  We love ’em both and enjoy them with gusto when we’re able to get our hands on fresh ones.  That’s exactly what happened as we were taking a leisurely drive while staying in Parish, NY.  It was not in our plan to search for them, but signs posted along the road pointing the way to u-pick blueberries and fresh home-grown garlic made our day.

The first stop was for my all-time favorite anti-oxidant, yummy blueberries.  Unlike my picking in the wilds of Hoonah, Alaska , where Steve had to stand guard in case a grizzly bear showed up, here in NY he left me alone to enjoy the picking myself.  In less than an hour I had picked 4 pounds of gorgeous berries, and that doesn’t include what “fell” into my mouth as I went along.

Here, have some – they’re sweet, plump and good for you!!!


Later, on our way home, Steve did a double-take and and almost ran off the road when he saw a “fresh home-grown garlic” sign.  The owner informed us that they had just harvested the garlic we were looking at the day before.  He also showed us a bunch of garlic sitting on his tractor that he eats raw as he works, and he insisted that we try it.  It was very good – but so strong!  We aren’t sure we’re ready to sit around eating raw garlic just yet.

Here’s a happy man with his bunch of fresh garlic!  He has since turned into a “garlic snob” and he turns his nose up at the “junk” they sell in the grocery stores.  We’ll see if his attitude changes when his fresh stash runs out!


We got busy when we arrived home, I,  baking a blueberry pie, of course, and scones the following morning. Yum!

And Steve roasted garlic over coals on the Weber.




  1. Oh WOW! What a delicious adventure you had! We have never had fresh picked garlic or blueberries ( in fact, this past July while in Polson was our first for cherries). And guess what-they had fresh picked garlic at the market…my bad for not giving it a try! That pie made my mouth water!

    The smile on your face with your bucket of berries says it all…enjoy!

  2. What a find!! I looked on line to see if there were any blueberry farms around here but there aren’t any:( Your berries are beautiful as is that pie and scones…yum!!! Guess you picked the perfect route to travel that day.

    Fresh garlic!!! Steve is definitely spoiled now. Enjoy!!

  3. I waited at the door for my blueberry scones this morning…….oh, guess we’re not in Cave Creek any more lol. We love roasted garlic and I can imagine how good that fresh stuff tasted. Surprised you actually managed to pull yourself away from the Falls. Enjoy!

  4. Yummy! Love Love Love Blueberries AND Garlic! Looking forward to New York next year! Your pictures are making me hungry!

  5. Lucky you, both blueberries and garlic. Your desserts look mouth-watering Mona and we absolutely love roasted garlic. I would be a garlic snob too if I could get my hands on some fresh vs. the dried out bulbs that we have in the stores. 🙂

  6. We grow our own blueberries and garlic. It does taste better when it is fresh. My husband eats raw garlic. It is an antibiotic if you get sick. Happy travels!!

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