Full Timing on the road – month one

From Steve –

The editor-in-chief (Mona Liza) advised me that I am to write something about our first month on the road, and it is due today.  I will try to keep it from being boring, but if it is boring please let her know, and then maybe she won’t make me do it again.

One month ago today we pulled out of French Camp, California to begin our multi-year journey of all the continental states (we’ll go through many of them repeatedly).  We will likely concentrate more time on the western states since that is where we plan to settle next – whenever that is.  We are currently sitting at Lake Sawyer, Washington, about 45 minutes south-east of Seattle.  And to my dismay, it’s raining here!

Rain or Shine, the Barbecue Master cooks fine. (This particular day it was raining really hard).

To the topic at hand, this full-timing thing is incredible.  I must admit that I’m going through periods of disbelief that it’s actually happening, considering our lifestyle just a few months ago.  I usually don’t know what day of the week it is, only on our “travel days” when I need to hook up the car and drive to the next destination.  We are finally falling into a pattern of planning only the next stop and making reservations there, then occasionally looking at the calendar to see if we are close to our plan of entering Alaska around July 1st.  Of course, we also spend time planning what we want to see and do at the next destination.  But most of the time my biggest decisions are what I need to get at the store for dinner, and the most daunting task at the end of each day – which bottle of wine to have with dinner!

We still have a lot to learn, but we’re getting better in our planning and more coordinated in what each of us needs to do to help the other.  So far it’s an amazing experience that I wouldn’t miss for the world.


From MonaLiza –

Amazingly after our first month of living in a very small place, Steve and I are getting along mighty well. For those of you who knew us during our working days, we had different working hours so much so that we only saw each other on weekends. Now we are hanging out together  24/7!  Steve spends his alone time tinkering around the motorhome or doing maintenance stuff or going to the store. For me doing laundry is my alone time and reading a book. Other than that, we play scrabble, read books, and continue to learn about the ART OF DOING NOTHING.

Steve the Handyman, my all-around fixer!

Having a diverse and ever-changing backyard every time we move is part of the excitement. It ranges from living on a golf course, by the river, an ocean view, a forest, a goat marsh, or beautiful mountains – or having no view at all. The wildlife that we see and hear is very relaxing and makes you happy. Be it the chirping birds, a frog choral concert, geese honking, or simply the peace and quiet.

Living on the road for the past month is just the beginning of more fun and amazement ahead. With God watching over us, we will continue to travel safely and in good health.




  1. ML, you got our vote to continue with the monthly writing. Good job both of you! We almost feel like we’re riding along with you. We can’t wait until next month. I’m getting jealous of your travels. How about rating your best spot and why for each month? Just food for thought. It may be hard to do due to the ever changing “backyard”. Glad you didn’t report any new major problems other than a few tweaks here and there.

    Happy trails, be safe! Hugs…

    • Thanks for your vote, maybe he will be into it next month. Ratings, we thought of that but in time probably we will (it requires brain power…ha ha ha ). The places we had been are all beautiful in their own rights. And there are so much to do and we can’t cover everything and we kept telling that to ourselves. Our Betsy is just like any other house, needs a lot of attention! lots of attention. Glad you are enjoying the journey with us and we will try to make our stories interesting.
      Take care and Hugs as well to you and Larry.

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