Majestic Mount St Helens – Washington

32 years ago on May 18,1980 the eruptions of  Mount St Helens  changed the whole landscape in the surrounding area in an instant. When we went there to view her beauty, the destruction is still clearly visible, especially the blasted trees that remained untouched.   Mount St Helens looked so majestic, serene, and represents something of true awe and beauty, yet underlying is something potentially catastrophic. I stood  there and observed it with immense respect for nature itself.

Our photo op

Our photo op with Majestic Mt St Helens as background

Entering the blast zone on our way to Johnston Ridge Observatory  replanted trees can be seen along the highway for miles which was part of the regeneration project. The tree groves are marked by the year it was planted and the year it will be harvested.

Regenerated Forest

Sections of the forest where dates of when trees are regenerated and when to be harvested

Mt St Helen

The bridge is a landmark signaling our entry to the blast zone

Johnston Ridge Observatory , considered  the crown jewel of Mt St Helen is located at the end of Highway 504 East and is at the center of the blast zone. This is where you can really be near and be of awe when you see the volcano which is only 5.4 miles away.  You can spend hours at the visitor center reading eyewitness stories, the events that happened weeks leading up to the eruption and scientific and geologic facts. Everything you would want to know about the activity before and after the eruption. It was very informative and well done. It was worth the drive up there.

Mt St Helens

How Mt St Helens face changed

Mount St Helen

The valley created where mud and lava flowed

Mount St Helen

Steve tried hard to spot an Elk but it was too late in the day for us to see them.

Mount Saint Helen

This is a 32 year old blasted tree that is still untouched

Mount St Helen eruption

How trees were blasted

Blasted trees

Trees 32 years after the eruption are left untouched

Story of regenerating the forest

Story of regenerating the forest


Devastation remains with growth emerging

Panoramic view of Mt St Helens

Panoramic view of Mt St Helens