A visit to Spruce Goose – McMinnville, OR

Being a pilot, Steve is interested in airplanes and aviation in general. He has been interested in seeing  Spruce Goose which was originally housed in Long Beach, California but is now displayed at Evergreen Aviation and Space  Museum at Mcminnville Oregon. Spruce Goose, as you may know, is the worlds largest wooden airplane or also known as the flying boat design and built by Howard Hughes. The museum houses not only Spruce Goose but also as many as more than 150 historic aircraft and exhibits. On the grounds also are the Space museum, the Evergreen theater, and a WaterPark.

On another building is the space flight center which holds a Titan II missile as its centerpiece, along with the SR-71 Blackbird. The Titan II sits upright in a specially constructed display extending two stories below the floor, silo fashion.

Titan II

It was also amazing to hear stories from former aviators who flew the planes on display. Their detailed descriptions and real-life commentary help bring the planes and their days of the flight back to life. We met Jack an 82-year-old Torpedo Bomber pilot.

Jack one of the aviator that flew the Torpedo Bomber
Left-wing of Spruce Goose
Inside of Spruce Goose
Back View of Spruce Goose
Nose of Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Waterpark Building