World Wonders Cruise Diary – Days 63,64 – Bali, Indonesia

Cruise days 63,64 – Mar 8,9

In case you missed our previous post, by the time you read this we’re settled back into Betsy, back to reality and our “normal” life in Tucson, AZ.

Our final port stop at Bali, Indonesia –

Beaches in Bali, very nice

Our problems disembarking the ship due to the Coronavirus hysteria heightened as we approached Bali.  This was a critical port stop, not only as a re-provision point but also because several hundred passengers had been re-routed here for their departures that were supposed to have happened in Hong Kong (which was canceled).  Can you imagine the logistics Viking went through to change all of those airline reservations from Hong Kong to Bali?  Also, 50 crew members had to depart because their contracts were up and they too had travel reservations.  What a mess!

Unfortunately, even though all passengers had a clean bill of health certified by multiple temperature scans and the ship’s doctor, the government continued to deny us shore access.  We spent the first day anchored in the bay while Indonesian officials (all the way up to the governor) and Viking senior management negotiated the problem onshore.  All of the excursions for that day were cancelled as we kept waiting for word from Bali officials.  We had to be content with eating, drinking and playing on the ship.

Indonesia’s tallest statue- Garuda Wisnu Kencana seen from our veranda

Each time the cruise director came on the PA, our ears perked up to find out if there was any progress in the negotiations, or would we be hanging out on the ship.  But really, hanging out and partying with friends on a Viking ship wasn’t exactly torture 🙂 

Oh look, there’s a cruise ship that was allowed to dock!

On the second day, we awoke to learn that the politics had ended and we would finally be allowed ashore.  The cruise director told us the ship would be leaving Bali a day early on the 9th (who could blame them?), and the next stop was not known.  The Viking Sun was basically re-designated as a Private Yacht (I’m not kidding) and will continue sailing the next portion of the cruise to whatever ports they are allowed to enter.  They even renamed the journey as the Viking Sun Magical Mystery Cruise 2020, Bali, Indonesia to somewhere.  Very cool!

I’m sure our friends who remained on the ship will enjoy even better service, considering there are now 361 passengers and 464 crew on board.  The passengers that were supposed to join the cruise in Bali and points beyond have unfortunately had their trips canceled.

Frontpage of Viking Daily signaling day 1 of the new mystery cruise

Between missing the 14 Asian stops that were previously cancelled and seeing the future itinerary of the cruise as unknown, we decided to accept an offer from Viking for a refund of the remainder of the trip and return home.  It’s a generous package, and again we don’t blame Viking in the least for the very unfortunate situation that has occurred.  We were so impressed by how the officers and crew members handled the stressful situation, and the professionalism and service they gave us.

Captain Lars gave a humorous goodbye speech including his daily reminder to ” Wash, Wash, Wash”

We totally enjoyed the new friends we met, the great experiences we had and the pampering we received during our two months at sea.  We’re already looking forward to booking another cruise with Viking in the future, using the Future Cruise Voucher they also gave us.  If you plan to take a cruise when all of this craziness ends, make it a Viking cruise!

Our cruise director, Beven, had made about 145 announcements in the last two days
Our exemplary officers and crew bid us goodbye




  1. I’m so glad you shared all of your experiences on this cruise. I have anxiously awaited each new post. Thank you so much these posts!

    We’ve never been on a cruise and when we decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary on an Alaska inside passage cruise we chose Viking and booked it last summer. After reading about your experience with how Viking has handled all of this I know we chose the right cruise line. We are supposed to sail out of Vancouver on July 15. We have already been told we can cancel and receive a voucher for a future cruise. We’ve got plenty of time to see what happens before we have to decide.

  2. Going with the flow and keeping a positive outlook as you’ve done is the best way to deal with a situation that is not under your control.

  3. You guys really have made the best of a difficult situation, and as you said, Viking has been exemplary. We’ve thought for years about doing an Alaska cruise, and based on your experience, we’ll choose Viking. Hugs to you both! Stay well.

  4. Such a bummer but obviously understandable given the state of the world. I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures up to this point and I hope you get to go on another amazing cruise once everything settles down.

  5. What a crazy journey, but in the end, I’m happy to know you guys saw so many awesome sights, you got home safe and sound, and Viking was wonderful to deal with. I bet they’ll gain some business from your blog! Stay well!

  6. MonaLiza – looks like a great decision you and Steve made to go home in Bali, as the Magical Mystery Tour is grinding to a halt and Viking are trying to get us home safely. All non-Canadian or US must disembark in Dubai on Sunday. Viking is now taking the ship across the Atlantic to disembark the Canadian & US pax.

    Our daughter is extremely concerned, so regrettably we are flying out in Dubai on Sunday.

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