World Wonders Cruise Diary – Day 29 – Akaroa, New Zealand

Cruise day 29 – Feb 2

We pulled into the bay of this mountainous seaside city around 7:30am and set anchor.  This is the New Zealand we remembered from our honeymoon cruise in 2006 – gorgeous mountains surrounding small towns spread around a massive crater that created the terrain millions of years ago.  Last time we had stopped at bustling Christchurch up the coast about an hour and a half by road, and coming to a quiet and charming new place this time was fine with us.

With a busy day ahead, we first took the optional “Harbor Cruise” excursion followed by the included “Dramatic Coastlines Along the Banks Peninsula” bus tour.  It was an unseasonably hot day in the ’90s, but we enjoyed both tours and spending some time in this beautiful place.

Harbor Cruise Excursion –

We tendered ashore for our first adventure, a catamaran cruise out of the harbor and along a mountainous shoreline, ending at some caves where we explored rock formations that created the area.  At the caves we were told that we’d likely see some Hector’s dolphins, but so far we were dolphin-less.  There was also a chance of seeing Blue Penguins, the smallest of the species that have been sighted here on occasion.  We’d never seen a penguin in the wild before!

An arch resembling an elephant’s head?
The wind and water have done their work here, creating several caves

We departed the caves and began crossing the bay toward cliffs on the other side of the entrance to the Pacific Ocean.  In a few minutes we saw several cute little dolphins jumping out of the water and heading right toward us.  Everyone was super-excited as they circled the boat several times.  Very cool!

Hectors Dolphins are only found around the inshore waters of the South Island of New Zealand
They are distinguishable from other dolphins by their rounded black dorsal fin which is shaped like a Mickey Mouse ear, and their short snout
These cute little guys are classed as “nationally endangered”

We continued across the bay, and I could swear I saw a Blue Penguin in the water.  We went by too quickly for a picture, but when I compared it to a stuffed one they had on the boat it was a match.  Oh well, no picture, no proof!  I’ll always wonder though…

While I was busy searching for the seals that looked like rocks until they moved, Mona Liza captured gulls fighting over a fish, which ended up getting away:

Our final stop on this fun tour was at the base of a large rock face protruding from the water, another part of the volcano’s gigantic rim.  There we saw many fur seals along the coast, doing what seals do – swimming, sunning, just taking it easy.  I decided right then that I want to be a fur seal in my next life.

Probably discussing the Super Bowl…

Dramatic Coastlines Along the Banks Peninsula –

This excursion was a winner as well.  The bus ride over the incredibly steep and beautiful mountains to the tiny town of Little River was full of expansive views of the entire area, again showing the outline of the massive volcanic rim that formed this place.  We spent 40 minutes walking around the tiny town.

Strange looking neighborhood… yes those silos are for rent!

We really enjoyed our quick stop at this charming little town, and realized we’re now in the heart of New Zealand’s natural wilderness area.

Back to the ship for dinner after a little shopping
On deck 2, we walked off dinner calories with friends while enjoying the sunset




  1. What a gorgeous and peaceful looking place! And those little dolphins are adorable. Your photos of the wildlife and the sweeping views of the coastline are wonderful.

  2. No secret that I think the critter sightings are the best part! What cute little dolphins in such gorgeous-colored water. Too bad the penguins didn’t cooperate for a photo-op. Did you ever or will you this time see the forest penguins?

  3. Looks like a wonderful stop. Glad you had time for two excursions. The Hectors Dolphins are so adorable. Love the cute little fin. Sorry you didn’t get to see a blue penguin up close and personal. Sweet that you were in the wilderness of NZ.

  4. Beautiful area, you captured it perfectly. I believe you….I know you saw a blue penguin even if MonaLiza didn’t get a picture of it!

  5. What a great boat excursion … and the coastal scenery is beautiful. I definitely prefer South Island over North Island. We really enjoyed Akaroa in 2017 … stayed in town and wandered the streets and what the town has to offer. Next time … maybe a boat tour or if we can, rent a car and drive along the coast.

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