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Air Force One-and-a-Half


  1. Did he use THIS plane just for his trips back to Texas? He must have been the first (and so far LAST) POTUS to have what kinda amounts to his personal jet. And while I’m into “comments,” I gotta tell you guys Barb and I BOTH were extremely impressed with LBJ’s littl3 place there in Austin at the University. Very well done, organized, and litle expense spared in putting it all together. Did not realize, at the time of his presidency, how much social legislation was passed. He really could “wheel ‘n’ deal.” Had to. And stuff got done.


    • This is actually one of his back up from a fleet of five JetStar aircraft and yes he uses this because it is smaller than the 707. He refers to this plane as Airforce one a half. We missed his library in Austin.


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