Where to in 2016?

2015-12-25-AZ-1340972As another calendar year of our life on the road closes, a whole new blank slate opens.  We thank all of you who have “jammed on down the road” with us so far, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.  The final chapter of our first retirement goal will be completed this year as we visit the final four U.S. states and two more Canadian provinces.  Then we will have visited all 49 states of this beautiful country, exploring hundreds of hidden gems and enjoying so much stunning beauty along the way.  If only Betsy could float to Hawaii we could have made all 50!

Steve recently agreed to become our “map master”, and he’s spent many hours converting our old maps and learning ways to create better ones in the future using Umap.  The image below shows all of our stops since starting our journey in March of 2012 and going through 2015.  It’s easy to see the open area we intend to cover this year.  An interactive version of this map resides on our map page, along with our individual travel routes by year.

All travels so far

By the colors: 2012 – black and cyan; 2013 – purple and magenta; 2014 – green; 2015 – red

The beautiful states of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are the final four we’ll explore this year.  Our planned route begins from our current location in Arizona, and from here we’ll slowly work our way north all the way into Saskatchewan and Alberta Canada in late summer.  Then we’ll take a circuitous route back south, eventually ending up in California’s bay area – where it all began – for a break in late fall.  Finally, we’ll head down to SoCal and hopefully hang out with other RV’ers while we figure out what’s next for us.

The “stick map” below is a rough outline of our planned route, and we have many stops planned along the way that don’t show up.  It’s simply too early to add any more detail, and of course unplanned personal and mechanical events will likely change things along the way.  But that’s how this lifestyle works, right?

2016 planned route

As in the past, your tips, “must see’s,” and “must do’s” along our planned route are invaluable to us, and we always consider them in our planning.  That’s how we’ve discovered so many hidden gems that we would have otherwise missed.  So we once again welcome your suggestions.

We’re really excited to be back in the west, and looking forward to another thrilling travel year!


Next up:  A rainy week at Lost Dutchman State Park