Where to in 2015?

Turks Cap

After staying a month in Mission, Texas we were itching to get moving again – that’s really longer than we like to sit in one spot, even if the birding was world-class.  Virtually so far our entire winter in Texas has been cold and dreary, with incessant winds that just would not stop.

Southern Texas was not spared from the crazy winter weather that our friends up north endured, and there were very few days that we even bothered taking our chairs out.  Although we tried to keep up with our exercise and I had a few excellent birding opportunities, most days were just crappy and had us wishing we were back in Florida.  But that’s the way it goes – most people certainly had a tougher winter than we did!

Our planned route below for 2015 is pretty loose this early on.  We expect to visit 6 of the 10 states that remain untouched by Betsy.  This includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Then we’ll likely winter in Arizona as we did in 2013, with a possible side-trip into southern California for a while.  At least that’s the tentative plan – we’ll find out how close we are to reality in a few months!

Planned 2015 Route

Very rough outline for our 2015 travels

We have already begun pointing north, slowly meandering along the Texas-Mexico border. Once we leave Lake Casa Blanca SP in Laredo in a few days, upcoming stops are planned for wpid34504-2015-02-26-TX-1540722.jpgSeminole Canyon SP, Big Bend National Park and Davis Mountains SP.

The month of April will be spent moving through New Mexico, on our way to Denver by May 1st.  I’ll fly out from there to visit mom in the Philippines for a few weeks while Steve gets Betsy’s chassis maintenance completed.

When I return we’ll have only two more set appointments – in Iowa – get some paint work done on Betsy at the Winnebago factory, and attend the annual Winnebago Grand National Rally.  But we’ll have almost two months to get there from Denver, with plenty of time to explore other states on the way.

Other than those stops, we’re pretty much open on where to go and what to explore along the way.  If you have ideas or recommendations for “must see” or “must do” things along our route, we’d love to hear from you!

Rio Grande Valley

On our last day in Mission, Steve tried to give an assist to the setting sun.  Fortunately his finger didn’t get burned at all!