Our favorite beaches – Final 2nd Anniversary Post

This last installment of our 2nd year anniversary celebration week postings is a new category that will appear only once.  We jammed along the coastlines of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean last year (Mar 1, 2013 to Feb 28, 2014).  I thought it would be fun (and possibly helpful to others) to share our favorite beaches during that journey. Walking on the beach, enjoying the smell of the salt air, the sounds of the water, the hypnotizing rolling waves, the crunching of the shells, and the birds entertaining us made the saying ” life’s a beach” a reality for us.

Our selection is obviously colored by the fact that we visited many of these beaches off season, hence the overall experience was enhanced by the lack of noisy crowds.  Many times we enjoyed the solitude with just the birds keeping us company.

So, in no particular order – since it was too difficult to pick a favorite – below are the beach experiences that we will miss and remember most fondly as we travel the midsection of the country this year.  As before, the blue link with the location name is a link to more information about that spot, and the month we were there.  The “Click our related post here” goes to our blog about it.

Dauphin Island, Alabama – March

Betsy was parked across from the public access to the beach, so we had no issues with parking or entrance fees.  The water was blue and calm with small waves.  With no huge attractions or condo buildings lining the beach, it was a very quiet, unspoiled place to just enjoy walking the stretch of white sand and dunes.  We loved watching the birds and gorgeous sunsets so much that we’re going out of our way to spend a couple more weeks there at the end of this March!

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Dauphin Island Beach

Dauphin Island Beach

Rosamond Johnson Beach – Perdido Key, Florida – April

This beach is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is considered among the whitest, most beautiful sand beaches in America.  It is considered an excellent example of a pristine Florida Panhandle beach.  With no commercial buildings or residential homes, it remains unspoiled and beautiful.

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Gulf Shore National Seashore

Kitty Hawk Beach – Outer Banks, North Carolina – October

Betsy was parked just across the street from the beach, making it a pleasure to jump out of bed in the morning and run over to get sunrise photos and hang out, or to take a long walk.  There were no tall condos or hotels along the beach and the area was characterized as low to medium density, single-family residential developments – mainly running small businesses.  Our memories are of sunrises painting the sky with colorful pastels of orange, pink and yellow.

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Kitty Hawk, Outerbanks, NC

Kitty Hawk Beach
Glorious sunrise at Kitty Hawk

Bonita Beach Park – Bonita Springs, Florida – January

The beach got crowded with snowbirds as the day progressed, but not early in the morning when we arrived to take our walks.  The shorebirds were plentiful and fat, hanging around and waiting for the equally fat tourists to feed them.  Although the beach is not known for shelling, we could hear our steps crunching as we walked on piles of sea shells.

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Bonita Beach Park

Bonita Beach, FLorida
These guys ignore anyone who won’t feed them – and we never do!

Marconi Beach – Cape Cod, Massachusetts – September

This gorgeous beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, and the moment you look out from the bluff you become mesmerized by the miles of white sand beach and the huge steep sand cliff located behind the surf line.  The beach is beautiful and serene, providing an unbroken, pristine natural scene in all directions.

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Marconi Beach, Cape Cod
Marconi Beach looking north
Marconi Beach, Cape Cod
Marconi Beach looking south

How about you?  What’s your favorite beach to spend time at?




  1. Awesome photos! Makes me want to move to the beach. My dream is to live in Santa Cruz or in the Santa Cruz mountains. Happy travels! Congratulations on traveling for 2 years. Reminds me of the song “On the Road Again”.

  2. Wow….what a fun post. You sure have seen some pretty spectacular beaches. I can see how you would have trouble picking a favorite with so many beautiful sites. Florida’s panhandle is on my ‘to see’ list 🙂

  3. Now this post I definitely bookmarked. When we go through Alabama next fall, I want to stop at Dauphin Island. Looks and sounds like our type of place. Wonderful job!

  4. These are magnificent beaches… that one with all the shells, unbelievable, where do they all come from, do all the shell user in the world stop there to drop there shell…. fantastic… my Mom would love it there…

  5. Your anniversary posts show what a fabulous year you two have had. Here’s to more grand adventures for all of us. 🙂

  6. Wow — so many beautiful beaches! Your “favorites” posts have been great. We love the Florida Panhandle beaches — St. George especially because it’s so pristine. It’s wonderful to look down miles of beach and see nothing but sand, water, and shorebirds! We live in Oregon, and love the Oregon coast beaches, too. But the water is too cold for swimming — barely warm enough for wading in the summer. The scenery is spectacular, though.

  7. Loved reading all your anniversary posts. Thanks for sharing your highlights!

  8. You’ve really been to some beautiful beaches, Mona. Your posts make me realise that there’s so much more of Florida which I need to explore when we are living there full time one day. For the moment, I’ll have to be content with my bit of beach here in South Africa. 🙂

    • Steve and I were just talking about how big Florida is and there are so many places to cover. I guess missing some this year will give us a reason perhaps to come back. But life in South Africa must be interesting too.

  9. Ah, the warm warm beaches of the gulf….Great post Mona Liza. You are so superb at making folks wish they were with you!

  10. Beautiful beaches… The Seashells at Bonita Springs…WOW!! Spectacular hunting I am sure. Have you ever been to Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota Florida? White quartz sand so it never gets HOT on your feet and it feels like flour. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  11. Hmmm… The fact that those are shortlisted really seems to prove them worth the visit. Nice selections, Mona. I would’ve had a hard comparing one beach from another. One that resonates to me the most is Ocean Beach or Dog Beach here in California.

  12. Just discovered you blog, it’s great! We are new to Rving, and are planning a Florida trip in the next few months, thank you for the great information!

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