Leaving on a jet plane…

Some of you who have been following our travels may have noticed we ‘ve been putting on the miles since we left Arizona and headed east in late January.  One of the reasons is that I’ll be visiting family in the Philippines for a month and for various reasons we had planned my departure from Charlotte, NC.  In fact, by the time this is published I’ll be soaring high over the Pacific Ocean.

While I’m bonding with family, Steve will be attending a Freightliner chassis class in Gaffney, South Carolina.  He also has a long “Betsy list” of maintenance items to take care of, with the slide/leak issue at the very top.  By the time I get back Betsy should be in tip-top shape and Steve will have upgraded his knowledge of our complicated land yacht.

Even though The Lowes Adventures is taking some time out from traveling, we have a few unpublished (and hopefully interesting) stories lined up.  Steve will be publishing them periodically while I’m gone, so you won’t miss me too much 🙂

Betsy and Steve will be hanging out at Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina until I return.  Then, onward to the great northeastern states!

Kings Mountain State Park
Betsy will be at Kings Mountain State Park for a whole month, that’s our longest stop ever!





  1. Safe travels Mona Liza…and enjoy your family and friends.
    Sounds like Steve will have lots to do to keep him busy. We have considered the Freightliner chasis class…will be interested to know what Steve thinks about it.

  2. I thought you were booking it pretty fast!!! Wish I could go with you to the Philippines…one day I will make it there;-) Take plenty of pics for us please MonaLiza. With Steve’s culinary skills we know he won’t go hungry while you are gone.

  3. We totally understand how off-the-road adventures can be a driving factor (pun intended) in this gypsy lifestyle. Our weird routing this year is totally because we have plans for several months off the road this fall that start in the east. Safe travels … looking forward to reading about your trip when you get back (nothing wrong with writing about it after the fact ;-)). As for Steve … a report about the Freightliner seminar would be good … we’ll be going to the one scheduled after July 4.

  4. Looking forward to hearing all about these new adventures. When we trade in the fiver and get a class A, we’ll know who to call for help…..Steve the mechanic AND culinary master. We’re camping next to you….again….lol.

  5. Safe travels, and I know I don’t have to say “take lot’s of pictures”! Can’t wait for you to share this adventure. Hope Steve will also share how he enjoyed the class. Would love to know if it was worth it!!

  6. I am a little late on this and you are well into that visit with family. Have a wonderful time! I am sure Steve will gain a ton of knowledge at Boot Camp. We’ll all be waiting to hear about your trip.

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