Have you ever been locked out of your RV?

Have you?

We had exactly that unpleasant experience recently.  It was late in the afternoon on the day we were under a tornado watch, and the winds were already picking up.  We were busy stowing anything that might get blown away, and Steve had the barbecue going to get our chicken cooked (no storm will come between Steve and his trusty Weber!).

I took our trash to the dumpster up the road a ways, and when I came back Steve said, “We have a problem.” Uh-oh, what could that be?

On my way to the dumpster, the wind had slammed the door, and it had somehow locked.  We’re still not sure if one of us may have accidentally pushed the lock down previously while grabbing for the door – we didn’t even know the door could be locked and then closed from the outside, which seems like a bad thing.  Now what were we going to do?  Our cell phones, car keys, house keys and everything else were locked inside.  We could not get in through any windows, because we had very conscientiously closed them to prepare for the big storm.  And we had no spare key hidden on the rig.

While Steve rummaged through his toolbox (at least the compartments were unlocked) and felt his blood pressure rising, I went over to our neighbor’s site and asked if I could borrow a cell phone so I could call a locksmith.  She called from her Onstar and asked for the phone number of a local locksmith.  She then drove me to the front gate to see if the office staff might have a phone number also.  On the way there, I suddenly saw Steve driving ferociously fast after us.  I asked myself, how did he get the car keys?

Steve told us he had been able to “pick” the door lock with a tiny allen wrench and small screwdriver from his toolbox.  Whew! We both looked frazzled and stressed out as we related the story to the park host and the lady that helped us.  I should probably explain that Steve has decades of experience working on cars, and a basic understanding of how locks work. He got this done purely out of desperation because we were miles away from any help. He does not advocate picking locks, and admits he got lucky on this one.

Lesson learned: I dont know about you, but it never occured to us that we could get locked out of the rig this way.  A spare door key hidden under the RV or tucked away in the propane compartment will eliminate a panic attack if this ever happens to us again!

Holiday Campground # 111

The calm after the storm at Holiday Campground – Lagrange, GA