Biloxi Blues, Mississippi

P1350808My friend Emma, whom I have not seen in a decade, lives in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Seeing her was a great reason to stop by the city known as the “Playground of the South” for a few days.  Sitting along the shores of Mississippi’s gulf coast, the city of Biloxi has been a favorite vacation destination for decades, with beautiful sandy beaches kissed by gentle waves.  It also brought back fond memories for Steve, as he completed his technical training at Keesler AFB with his best buddy Vic way back in 1978.

Biloxi and the Mississippi gulf coast are occasionally hit by hurricanes, with the most destructive one being Katrina in 2005 when 90% of the buildings along the coast were destroyed.  But Biloxi is bouncing back and many casinos have returned to action.  Driving down Beach Blvd, we saw new homes and many new/restored buildings.

Homes on Stilts
The new homes here are all on stilts
Isles Casino
Isles Casino – one of the many casinos back in business

Emma played  tour guide, taking me to some historic and interesting sights of the city.

One of the historic sites restored after Katrina was Beauvoirthe  home of Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederate States of America.  The beachfront 51-acre estate was also once the site of the Mississippi Confederate Soldier’s Home, which cared for hundreds of southern veterans and their wives.  We caught the last tour of the day and heard interesting stories about the house and president Davis.

And then there was the beach, yeah!

Isn’t life great?
Steve’s favorite preoccupation-scaring the birds!

And food.  We were treated to a free lunch at Back Bay Buffet in the casino where Emma works.  It pays to know somebody who works in a casino!  And their buffet was the best we’ve had in a long time.  Thank you, Emma!  On another day we had an outstanding lunch at Half Shell Oyster House near the beach, followed by a nice long walk on the sand.

We stayed at Martin Lakes RV Park at the northern end of Biloxi, rather than being closer to the beach, as we found out the trains go right past the beach parks.  This park is quiet with average spacing between sites, but we noticed a lot of “perms” there, with junk sitting around their RV’s.  We were not crazy about this place.  One of the beach parks would probably be better, if you can stand the trains rumbling right past your window.

Martin Lake RV Park




  1. Another stop on our southern route. Thanks for the info especially on the rv parks.

    I’m not sure even stilts will help those beautiful house built so close to the water if a hurricane comes. Very brave!

    Glad you got to connect with friends.

  2. Yeah….shorts and a beach! The architecture is interesting. When son and I went to NOLA for the FEMA seminar he got a much better tutorial on stilt construction than his dear mom was able to provide….he actually thought I was joking. Enjoy!

  3. We will likely visit Biloxi when we are staying at NCBC Gulfport mid April … so once again, thanks for giving us some ideas on what to expect when we get there 😉

  4. We have never been to Mississippi so this was a wonderful tutorial. How great to see a friend after a decade. Enjoy your time there and safe travels.

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