Our Top 7 Favorite Biking Trails – 1st Anniversary Post Part 2

Why 7?  Because we just couldn’t fit all of our favorites in a Top 5!

When we’re at an RV park or near a place with good biking trails, we try to take advantage of them as much as we can (weather permitting).  As Steve keeps reminding me, If we have to lug these bikes around let’s use them.  Okay, lets do it!

Tools of the Trade
Our tools of the trade

Our parameters for favorite biking trails are similar to those for hiking trails, but with the emphasis on visual treats.  We don’t take many tough mountain bike trails, instead preferring to meander along and enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the surroundings. Click on the red links to take you to our detailed posts.

Here we go!

  1. Quartzsite, AZ – This was fun for there were no established trails – just head off the road into the desert and make your own!  We first followed Dome Rock Road and then went off the beaten path.  This was where we encountered a natural golf course in the desert amidst the cacti – very interesting.


  1. Talkeetna, AK – We began our trek at the Talkeetna river for a rare view of Mt McKinley, which happened to be visible that morning.  We rode 15 miles of bike trails along the road to Talkeetna, laden with beautiful wildflowers.
Rare view of Mt Mckinley

5. Sacramento River Trail – Redding, CA – A nice 9 mile ride along the banks of the beautiful Sacramento River.  We passed on the west end Keswick dam, cross over the Stress Ribbon Bridge across the river and around the highlight of this trail: the Sundial Bridge.

Sacramento River Trail
Stress Ribbon Bridge
  1.  Riverfront Trail at The Dalles, OR – The paved trail winds along the southern bank of the Columbia River for ten miles.  Beautiful views of the gorge on this one.

Riverfront Trail

  1. San Juan Islands, WA – By far the longest and toughest ride we have undertaken, 28 miles around the island and will not do it again!  Why?  I don’t like biking along narrow roads with no space for bikers.  We also encountered some really big hills on this one.  But it was beautiful, and if you’re a serious cyclist you would love it.
Part of the strenuous ride on San Juan Island
Part of the strenuous ride on San Juan Island

2. Fort Stevens State Park – Astoria, OR : When the path is packed with yellow wildflowers, how can you not enjoy your ride?  This excellent paved path took us through forests to the beach and a lake.

Ft Stevens State Park

1. Historic Columbia River Trail – Columbia River Gorge, OR : This was the coolest, greenest ride we have taken.  The path is a section of  restored portion of the  historic highway that curves through the forest over gentle hills.  One end terminates at the Cascade Locks, where we were able to enjoy a small farmer’s market when we were there.

Historic Columbia River State Trail

How about you – do you have a favorite biking trail?  We we’d love to hear about it so we can give it a shot when we’re in that area.




  1. Can’t wait to hit those trails, they look awesome!

    For a city trail we really enjoyed the Boise River Greenbelt. It meanders through beautiful city parks and then into the more natural country settings and can be made into a long (about 25 miles) loop ride.

  2. There are lots of great trails around Moab Utah – I did a 3 day ride on the White Rim trail a few years ago – totally amazing.

    Thanks for sharing yours – I will keep the list for when we are in these places.

  3. What a beautiful shot of Mt. McKinley! I’m with you, I don’t like narrow roads with traffic….prefer trails. Once the weather in CO warms up, we’ll be on the trail along the Arkansas River. One of my favorite bike rides is along Chicago’s lakeshore. You can ride for miles, but no wildflowers!

  4. Very cool little series here. I’ve only done one of these (Astoria, agree it’s fabulous) so there’s lots of new ideas here. It’ll be interesting to see if these same trails remain in your top 7 as you continue to RV.

  5. We have done your #1 and #2 and found both to be delightful. I’ve loved the two posts you have done on hiking and biking. Thanks for the other tips. 🙂

  6. Another great Best Of post! Interesting biking trails – golf with cacti, in between forests of green and, the one I like the best, is that Sundial bridge.

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