1)   You don’t like dealing with unpredictable weather.

2)   You hate it when your GPS signal sometimes gets lost because you’re so far north.

3)   You don’t like people who work at a more leisurely pace than you’re used to.

4)   You get aggravated when a Bear or Moose walk near the road you’re driving on.

5)   You don’t like being in areas away from supermarkets or an internet connection.

6)   You can’t stand to drive a dirty car.

7)   You don’t like to fish, hunt or spend a lot of time outdoors.

8)   You hate it when other drivers wave Hello at you all the time.

9)   You think up to 20 hours of sunlight per day during the summer is a bad thing.

10)  You get tired of eating the best salmon and halibut in the world all the time.

But, if like us you think these are just some of the “minor inconveniences” that make Alaska an interesting and charming place, YOU MUST TRAVEL TO ALASKA for one of the best experiences of your life!





  1. We’re convinced. We must travel to Alaska and take the route you did. Thank you for sharing all your travels. Keep safe. Hugs…

  2. Well said Steve! We’d add that you must go with the expectation that the further north you go in Canada the worse the roads will be (frost heaves from the winter) and you must drive slow. The bigger your ride the slower you have to go. It is what it is. A laid-back attitude through these challenges is a must.

  3. We just returned from our Alaska adventure and agree with every one of these! I would also add if you only like to eat at chain restaurants and stay at fancy RV parks don’t go.

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