Lazy Days at Tolsona Wilderness – Glennallen, Alaska

Continuing east we headed out to the town of Glenn Allen, 187 miles from Anchorage. The drive along the Glenn Highway designated as a National Scenic Byway  is one of Alaska’s most beautiful, traversing a broad tundra and because of that we are reminded once again of frost heaves, damaged roads, dips… The road winds through gorgeous mountain ranges with spectacular scary drop offs. One of the most breathtaking sight is another glacier, the Matanuska Glacier. We even had a glimpse of the Wrangell Mountains as we arrived in Glenallen.

Glenn Highway
Wildflowers along the Glenn Highway
Chugach mountain ranges
Snack break facing the Chugach mountain ranges
Sheep Mountain,AK
Sheep Mountain
Matanuska Glacier
Glimpse of Matanuska Glacier
Matanuska Glacier
Matanuska Glacier
Matanuska Rive
Matanuska River flows through the valleys

We spent our days at Tolsona wilderness catching our breath and taking a break  from all the fun activities that we had. This is our 47th day since we arrived in Alaska and time is moving so fast.  We played scrabble and had a camp fire for the first time in a long while.  We were able to finally enjoy the sun, which made its rare appearance once again.

Wrangell Mountains
Plaque about Wrangell Mountains
Mt Sanford on the left and Mt Drum on the right
Mt Sanford on the left and Mt Drum on the right
Mt Drum
Mt Drum as seen from the highway




  1. Steve/ML, Got the package today, Thank you, I love the shirt and the Salmon. LVee is in Reno, and I won’t see her till the end of the month. I could just tell her all about it… nah, I think I better wait. I hope your enjoying all the movies. The pictures looks grrreat, thanx for sharing. Did you bring some fishing tackle? That looks like a nice area to go fishing while having your wine. Will Skype when she gets back from Reno…Manny/LVee

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