Hot Springs, Wildlife, and a milestone – Yukon Territory, Canada

This next leg of our journey took us to a hot spring, wildlife on the highway and our second milestone.

We did not want to leave Muncho Lake but the unpredictable wind, rain and sun got to us. The lake is just spectacular but we have to move on. Our first stop was the Liard Hot Springs, a very popular stop for Alaska Highway travelers. This is on Mile 496 of the highway and used to be the site of a major camp during construction. These natural hot springs are a piece of paradise, from warm to hot to hotter depending on the spot you select. We soaked our tired muscles for half an hour and on our way out we saw a Moose.

As we moved along the highway, wildlife was the center piece. We were the only ones on the highway this early morning so we expected lots of animals on the road. We were not disappointed. We encountered Stone Sheep checking us out, a Moose that scampered away as we approached, grazing Bison and Bears munching away without caring about the tourists gawking at them. This was a slow drive due to some deterioration of road conditions and the increasing amount of wildlife along the way.  However, we have been surprised that the roads overall have been in fairly good shape.  We’ll see if that holds true as we continue.

Arriving at Watson Lake, Mile 635 is the second milestone in our Alaska Adventure.   We are now in the Yukon Territory, the final Canadian province to traverse before arriving in Alaska. This community  is a favorite stop over as it is home to a famous attraction, The Signpost Forest. It was started in 1942 by a homesick GI by erecting a sign pointing to his hometown of Danville, Il. Today, the collection of signs constantly grows due to visitors who wish to promote their own communities. We took a stroll and were amazed at how far the signs have traveled and their number, which has grown to over 70,000.

We stayed overnight at Tags RV Campground right across the Signpost Forest. Big rig friendly, quiet and okay for overnight stop.


  1. On your return trip I would guess you need to be wary of the bull moose. If it is the rut season I hear the bull moose can be aggressive and dangerous.
    I’m loving your site. Hello ML.

  2. It’s getting prettier. Awesome pictures of the moose. ML, looks like you were enjoying the hot springs. I bet your skin felt real silky afterwards. Love those springs. Keep safe…. Hugs….

  3. Monalisa & Steve,
    Am so enjoying your blog with all the beautiful pictures, interesting facts & history. You both look wonderful; it sounds like you’re having the time of your lives. So cool! Drive safe, be careful the animals love tourists for snacks.

    Miss you both. Jeanie

  4. I’m learning so much about Alaska and look forward to reading about your next adventure annd seeing the beautiful photos. Thanks

  5. Mona and Steve…your tip is amazing..Wish I could do that..Learning all about places never heard before. Enjoy..

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