Our (slow) trip around San Juan Island, Washington

Our next stop took us to Anacortes, the gateway to the many  islands  in the Pacific Northwest.  Among the many things to do and islands to visit,  we chose to ride the ferry and and hop to San Juan island.

We decided to check out San Juan Island on Friday the 25th, since it appeared to be the nicest weather day.  We’d been wanting to take a nice bike ride, so my brilliant idea was to give it a shot on our bikes.  “We’re in no hurry, so we’ll make a day of it, bring our lunch along and save money by not taking the car on the ferry”, I said.  Yeah, how tough could it be?

Well, I had my answer a few hours later.  Wow, what a hard ride!  We rode over 28 miles total and faced several brutal hills – not at all what the web sites I had checked out reported.  We were exhausted at the end of the day, but we made it and what a beautiful ride.  We checked out Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, the alpaca farm and the Lime Kiln Point State Park Lighthouse to watch for Orca whales.  It appeared they were taking the day off, since we looked for them for over an hour as we rode down the coast and I saw only one very briefly.  Even the whale watch tour boats couldn’t locate them on that day.  And the best news?  Mona Liza lost two pounds from that one grueling ride!  Funny, she doesn’t seem very excited about doing it again…despite burning 2546 calories.

Nearby our park was a very nice and popular Tommy Thompson trail which we used for our walk. The real beauty of this trail is a mile long  trestle which can be accessed from the park.

Here are some of  our biking pictures and nearby beautiful views.


  1. Sorry you missed the whales. PS Islands are islands because they are mountain tops that protrude above the water line. But I hear there are some flat islands in the carribean.

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