First stop in Oregon – Grants Pass, OR

We had heard of Henderson’s Line Up through another Travel blog WheelingIt, and we were impressed with the service they offer.  Although Betsy is fairly new, we wanted some real pros to give her the green light before charging off to Alaska and beyond.

Their Road Performance Assessment starts with one of their technicians taking the RV on an initial test drive – with the owner – to evaluate handling, steering, and brakes.  Then they weigh all 4 corners of the RV to assess weight distribution, which is important for handling, safety and tire wear.  Finally, the customer actually goes under the RV with the technician to perform a thorough inspection with them.  That was awesome!  I was able to see everything as they checked it and ask all the questions I wanted to.

Next, the tech generates a report of what should be repaired and of options that are available for the RV to enhance handling.  The only work we needed was a steering adjustment.  Besides that, we opted for upgraded Koni shocks, SuperSteer Bell Crank, a Safe-T-Plus steering assembly and Motion Control units for our air suspension.

What a difference!  After the upgrades were completed (I still can’t believe they did all that work in about 4 hours), the tech took me for another test drive, half of the drive by the tech and the remaining by me.  The shocks and Motion Control units provide much better handling in corners and coming out of driveways (which is where Betsy used to like to throw dishes around).  The Safe-T-Plus unit keeps the steering centered – I can let go of the wheel and it goes right back to dead center by itself.

This place rocks!  I recommend them to anyone who owns an RV and wants a piece of mind about its road-worthiness.  The folks there have tons of experience and are very nice too.  Check them out here.

After getting a good bill of health for Betsy, we stayed at Riverpark RV park along the Rogue River. We love this small, quiet and clean park with a great view of the river.





  1. My uncle lives in Grants Pass – Wave hello to “Uncle Dave” as you drive thru. You met him at Michael & Chalan’s wedding.

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