Livermore, California

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November, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the money,
quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability and what
we believe other RV’ers in our situation would be looking
for) = 8 out of 10 stars

Site spacing was generous
This was one of our sites. Note the large rocks that made it difficult to access our compartments on the driver’s side.
Lots of open space in the campground for summertime fun.
One of the shower rooms – nice bench and it was clean.
Not a very good picture of one of the bathrooms.

Noise level and overall “feel” of the campground?
Mostly quiet during our stay, except for some rowdy neighbors for several
days.  The rangers had a heavy presence, which we liked.  This is a real
campground, under the trees, out in the woods and near a lake and creek.
No exterior road noise at all.

Road and site access?
Interior roads and sites were paved, with both pull-through and back-in
sites available.  Getting through the park in a large motorhome was
challenging, and several low-hanging branches hit the rig – big ding for that
one.  Getting into and out of the sites was not too difficult, but again the
tree branches were a factor for larger units.

Condition of sites?
Site spacing was great, plenty of separation which was a godsend when
our noisy and inconsiderate neighbors were present.  The sites were
generously sized, but large boulders on the driver’s side that separated the
pull-through sites from the road made it difficult to access compartments
on that side.  The pull-through sites were long and allowed cars to be
parked at either end of large RV’s.  Levelness varied, but we were able to
get level without adding blocks under the jacks.  Lots of trees everywhere,
and the area on the “curb” side of our coach was large and grassy.  We
stayed in 3 different pull-through sites during our visit, and they were all

Utilities offered and their quality?
We really needed Verizon connectivity during our 5-week stay due to
family issues, but there was no service in here.  We had to drive about 2.5
miles to the top of a hill for a connection, but we got used to it and called it
our “office”.  The full hookup 50-amp service was well located within the
site and had strong power and water pressure.  There was no WiFi offered

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
A large picnic table and nice fire pit were included, and we had a fire every
day when the weather permitted.  The marina store sold firewood.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
Bathrooms and shower rooms were functional and cleaned daily, just the
basic facilities you would expect at a state or regional park.  No laundry

Pet friendly?
Pets had lots of areas to walk on-leash within the camping area, and tons
of space a short walk away.  Beyond that were miles of trails that provided
endless opportunities for the doggies.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
This place excelled in the activities department!  I heard there were over
50 miles of hiking trails accessible from the park, and we hiked and walked
55 miles during our stay.  We absolutely loved the hiking trails of various
difficulty, and we were out there almost every day when weather permitted.

Groceries & other services nearby?
It’s about 6 miles from the campground to downtown Livermore, and the
restaurant and shopping opportunities opportunities are amazing.  Many
grocery stores and specialty shops are a short drive away.  There was also
a nearby RV repair and parts place that I used during our visit.

We obviously stayed during the off-season, which will taint my review in
favor of the relative emptiness of the park.  I can imagine this place would
be crazy during the summer months, due to the many activities on and off
the lake that are offered here.  If you like to fish, boat, hike or bike you
won’t be disappointed.  My rating was degraded by the fact that there was
no internet connectivity, and that the trees were not well maintained for
larger rigs.  If those things aren’t a factor for you, this place might be a
“10”, especially during the off-season.  Although a bit pricey, everything
is in northern California and overall we really liked this campground.