Gering, Nebraska

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September, 2015

The Lowe’s overall rating = 9 out of 10 stars

Many trees were too small to provide shade
Most sites provided at least a partial view of the beautiful nearby bluffs

Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?
There is some distant road noise from the busy road that
fronts the park, and also distant noise from the dozens of
trains that pass through the area each day.  Neither are too
bothersome and didn’t keep us awake at night.  We enjoyed
the atmosphere here, there were a few families (this was
over the Labor Day weekend, but no problem with wild
children and dogs running amok in the park.  It was mostly
very quiet and much nicer than many places where we’ve
spent holiday weekends.

Road and site access/type?
Paved roads and sites, with concrete pads within the sites
themselves.  Very nice.

Spaciousness/levelness of sites?
Spacing between sites was generous.  Most were pull
throughs, and they were plenty long for a large RV and car
with space to spare.  Most sites looked fairly level, as was
ours (#30).

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?
The full hookup 50-amp power was strong, as was the
water pressure.  The Verizon signal to our phones and
boosted hotspot was good.  The park provided WiFi,
which varied in speed from very slow to acceptable.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?
Picnic table and a BBQ stand.

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?
The bathrooms were modern and clean.  Showers
were clean as well, but small and with only a small
chair for toiletries.  The laundry room consisted of
two washers, two dryers and a very tiny table that
was fairly useless as a place to fold clothes on.

Pet and/or kid friendly?
Not really either, so perfect for us!  No pool or
equipment for the kids, and dogs had to be leashed.  I
did not see an off-leash exercise area for dogs.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?
There were no trails directly out of the park, but many
were available nearby and we took advantage of them

Groceries & other services nearby?
Safeway was a 10-minute drive away, and there were
two smaller grocery stores that were even closer.
Gering is a small town, and ScottBluff just up the road
is medium-sized with many more services and larger
stores.  This is not really a resort area, but more
working class.

We loved this place and would definitely come back
again.  It’s nice and quiet internally, with some
exterior traffic noise.  The view of the bluffs from
the park is a bonus.  It’s also well-located to the
bluffs and nearby Wildcat Hills for hiking.  We found
it to be very relaxing and spent many hours outside
of the RV in our chairs.  We saw some great sunrises
while here, too!  It would have gotten a perfect 10
from us if it had larger trees that provided shade, no
exterior road noise, and a trail or two directly out o
the park.  But all in all a very nice place!