Hollywood in the desert – Tucson, AZ

Chinese Alley, Old Tucson Studios

Old Tucson Studios Another attraction we checked out while hanging in the Tucson area was the Old Tucson Studios, a movie studio / theme park.  The complete western town spread out over 300 acres in the beautiful Tucson Mountain Park and the incomparable Saguaro National Park. It was built by Columbia Pictures in 1939 on a Pima County-owned site as a replica […]

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Art along Arizona’s highways

Gambels Quail

This post is a collection of “drive by shootings,” a gallery of art I gathered as we’ve driven along Arizona’s highways.  I was captivated by it the first time we were here in 2013, and now after cruising through 45 states I can say it’s only in Arizona where embellishments on exit ramps, around bridge abutments, and on interchanges and retaining walls can this art be […]

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An imposing church in the Sonoran Desert – Tucson, AZ

Continuing our investigation of missions in the Sonoran desert, we visited the only remaining intact mission in Arizona.  It’s an imposing white-washed structure in the distance along I-19, approximately nine miles south of downtown Tucson. Mission San Xavier Del Bac stands as an iconic building of the southwest, and one of the two remaining missions in Arizona established by Jesuit missionary […]

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Exploring Tubac, AZ

Pancit Guisado

But first… The slide toppers that Steve ordered arrived and our friendly installation team members John and Dave arrived to help with the installation.  The whole operation went smoothly, thanks to the fact that the three of them had installed new toppers on John’s coach just a few days before.  Thanks, guys!  Our beautiful new toppers are currently being tested by […]

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Winter Break for Betsy – Tucson, AZ

After camping at Regional and State parks on the outskirts of Phoenix for several weeks we moved south to Tucson for a longer stay.  Our drill each winter is to stay in one place long enough to take care of all the maintenance and repair issues that Betsy requires.  This year the spot of choice was Tucson, surrounded by five mountain ranges […]

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Rained out at Lost Dutchman SP, AZ

First off, a big thank you to all who made suggestions regarding “must do” places to visit and things to do in our final four states this year.  Some of you even indicated we’ve saved the best for last, and from your tips it looks like we’re in for a treat.   Woo hoo! Let’s see now, where did I leave off?  Well, we […]

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