Apache Junction, Arizona

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January, 2016

The Lowe’s overall rating (based on value for the
money, quality of amenities and utilities, site suitability
and what we think other RV’ers in our situation would
be looking for) = 8 out of 10 stars

Kind of a feel for the layout of our loop from above


Lost Dutchman State Park
A view we can definitely get used to!

Noise level and overall “feel” of the park?

We found this park to be fairly quiet, although a bit
busier than the three regional parks we had stayed
at in the area previously.  There was more family
activity here, and more people walking dogs on the
roads – but hey, I love dogs!  There was no traffic
noise from exterior roads, but some noise from the
nearby “gold mine” attraction including an
occasional shootout and train whistle.  But they
were not at all bothersome to us and the nights
were quiet.

Road and site access/type?

All paved, and most sites were pull-throughs.  It
was a bit tight getting large RV’s in because turns
into the sites were sharp.  A little patience and a
helper made it manageable.

Sites spacious and/or level?  Comments?

Site levelness varied widely here.  Ours (#44) was
fairly level, but we saw a lot of coaches with their
front tires off the ground in other sites and loops.
Although it was a bit tight getting into the
pull-through sites, they were long and had room
for long RV’s with plenty of space for vehicles
behind or in front.  The site layouts in our section
were strange.  Pull-throughs were configured in
such a way that many had their picnic tables and
fire pits next to the road, while others did not.
And if one wanted to face Superstition Mountain,
as most people did, then some sites had utilities
set up so that folks had to run their power and
water lines under the rig to the opposite side.  Be
aware of this when you reserve, especially if the
length of your lines are limited.

Utilities and WiFi/cell reception?

The sites had electric and water only.  The 50-amp
electric ran at low voltage during most of our stay,
likely because the park was full.  Whatever the
reason, we were forced to closely monitor usage of
our high-amperage devices and we should not have
had to do that.  The water pressure was good.  No
WiFi available in the park.  Our Verizon signal was
marginal – some phone calls were dropped, but our
boosted hotspot performed fairly well.

Picnic table and/or fire pit?

Both, and a grill stand as well.  The camp hosts sold
wood at a reasonable price.  Too bad it rained
during almost our entire stay!

Bathrooms/showers/laundry room?

The bathrooms and showers on our loop (sites 41-70)
were modern and clean, and the showers were nicely
equipped with benches.  The facilities in the lower-
numbered loop were older and the showers smelled
musty.  Note that there were no restrooms/showers
in the 75-104 loop and those folks had to travel quite
a distance to get to one.  I would recommend
considering that loop only if you don’t need restrooms.
No laundry facilities.

Pet and/or kid friendly?

Between the extensive roads through the campgrounds
and the directly accessible trails there were many
opportunities to give the kids and doggies plenty of
exercise.  Dogs were to be kept on-leash, however.

Bicycle/walking trails nearby?

We loved the access to several trails right from the
campground.  Although the terrible weather limited
us to just one day of hiking, there were many other
trails that we could have explored had we stayed
longer.  There were also trails dedicated to mountain

Groceries & other services nearby?

The incredibly crowded Fry’s grocery store was only
a few miles down the road in Apache Junction, and
there were several restaurants in the vicinity.  There
were really no RV services nearby, though.


Frankly, we prefer the regional (county) parks in the
area over this state park.  The three regional parks
we stayed at prior to this one (Cave Creek, Lake
Pleasant and McDowell Mountain) had stronger
utilities and just seemed to us to be quieter and
nicer.  But the incredible changing view of
Superstition Mountain and the direct access to great
hiking scored big points with us.  We would stay here
again if in the area.